Dragon Ball Super manga announces its return with an illustration of Goten and Trunks

Dragon Ball Super manga h an indefinite break since lt August. Without a concrete date, Roku’s followers and company patiently waited for his return. Now, thanks to V-Jump it h been confirmed that the manga will return on December 20.

It starts a new arch, in which Gotten and Trunks will have a great prominence, suggested by the magazine’s illustration. According to Shape, we can expect the presence of Golan and Piccolo, since it is the prequel to the film Dragon Bad Super: Super Hero.

Why did Dragon Ball manga stopped super indefinitely?

After the end of the Granola arch, Toyota’s manga entered a new phe. Therefore, the author needed to make an indefinite break to put his ide in order and to draw the next adventures of Roku, Veg eta, Trunks and company. It w the first break from the beginning of Dragon Ball Super seven years ago.


The manga may be in an indefinite break, but Tea Animation h continued working on new Dragon Ball super projects. The most recent is the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which debuted in Spanish cinem in summer. The film, which dispenses the traditional animation, introduces images in three dimensions. You can read criticism in Meditation.

Beyond the manganese, Banzai NAMC h just launched Dragon Ball: The Breakers, an ymmetric multiplayer title developed by Dumps for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game h not reaped too positive criticism, unlike Dragon Ball Fighter, which is still alive. The fight work of Arc System Works prepares news, it will be releed a native video game on the new generation machines.

Other games to consider are Dragon Ball Genovese 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Apart. The first, the most veteran (left in 2016) h not stopped receiving DLCS since its launch. The second, which will have a version of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5, h revealed a seonal ps with four expansion contents. The story of Burdock, Roku’s father, will be the first to see the light.