Asdal Chronicles, Drama Based on its own story

Medal Chronicles, which Net marble exhibited at G-Star 2022, is a PC and mobile MMORPG based on the drama of the same name. Beyond the use of IP, Net marble is jointly developing drama production studio dragons and drama season 2. Like the ‘joint IP’ type, not ‘external IP’, Net marble is deeply involved in IP development, not just using IP.

In the collaboration with such studio dragons, PD Net marble F & C Gang Hyundai said, It can be understood as a concept that expands the width of MMORPG in the game based on the drama worldview. The game deals with the story after drama season 1, and the drama season 2 has not been released yet, so I can tell you after the airing.

At the same time, I was able to listen to the development of the worldview of Medal Chronicles. In the game, there is an unlawful force, a new mercenary forces that have not appeared in the drama. The player begins with apprenticeship in these forces and develops the story to meet the drama and the connection. In the process, he encounters major dramas such as Wagon and ENSEM, and explores the main areas that appeared in the drama. In particular, the game is provided with a local story, which is separate from the main quest and learns about major characters and attractions. One of the features of the Medal Chronicles is unique terms, and if these terms are excessive, they have increased their content to learn, and the overall game understanding can be lowered.

Gang Hyundai, PD, said, This story was also combined with game characteristics, making it an MMORPG based on three forces that added mercenary forces to Medal and Ago. The forces play a role in adding to the two forces by users who prefer war. Mercenary compensation fluctuates to the weaker side according to the balance between the forces calculated according to the certain period, and the lawless force is a mercenary in the weak forces and balances. In the process, the political and economic disputes between the federation will be differentiated.

In fact, in the G-Star site, he was able to taste the field battles of the forces, and the war content that participated in the power units will be added. In addition, there are also a pioneering exhibition where strong federations are facing each other at the season. Large-scale wars in MMORPG are suitable for content, but if it develops in the direction mentioned above, there is a risk of alienation. In response, PD Gang Hyundai said, The weak federation is also preparing a system that provides help through the relationship with the company.

As such, Medal Chronicles is centered on party play where many users fight together. Gang Hyundai PD said, ATE (button action), areas destruction, and boss suppression are not just directing, but are the factors that neutralize boss annihilator or core pattern. For example, while I block the boss’s specific pattern with ATE, it is possible for another party member to defeat and neutralize the boss.

In addition, the company adopts a multi-class system that changes the class according to the situation, regardless of the traditional role divided into ‘Tail Hill’. Gang Hyundai PD said, The role play, which is divided into tangilhills in MMORPG, is disappearing. In particular, it is hard to find successful parties by parties in mobile. It is not just a job change, but a common skill that is determined according to non-woven jobs, so that the main job combat style can be taken in various ways. In terms of launch, four jobs, warriors, projects, archers, and priests, will be introduced, and new jobs will be added periodically.


In addition, you can enjoy living contents such as gathering and production and adventures traveling around the continent. In particular, the monsters and items that appear depending on the day/night flow and weather changes are different, and the characters are affected by the weather, such as decreasing stats due to chills when they go to cold areas.

The eye-catching part is also collaborated with exploration. You can make a bridge with other users to go to a new area, or rebuild broken buildings. Gang Hyundai said, Some buildings are permanently maintained, and some do not. If you rebuild the collapsed bridges, ports, etc., a new area will be opened, and quests that can only be performed in the area can be carried out, or new equipment can be produced as a local specialty.

From the above, the crew wants to convey the experience of living in the Medal Chronicles. PD Gang Hyundai said, I think that it can have a great difference in the social fun that will be created as a combination of the regional adventure containing the Medal worldview, the combination of the combination of the two occupations, and the combination of the first two and mercenaries..