Warzone close your servers next week

On November 16 will finally be available War zone 2.0 _. In this way, it was recently revealed that version 1.0 of Battle Royale will stop working next week . Although this may sound like bad news, all fans will not have something to worry about.

According to Activision, starting next November 16 at 10:00 am (Mexico City), The war zone that we know today will be suspended, this to give rise to version 2.0, which begins that same day. Unfortunately, all cosmetic aspects obtained in version 1.0 will not be transferred to war zone 2.0.

Fortunately, this does not mean that war zone as we know it today, will be lost forever. From next November 28, the Battle Royale in its 1.0 version will be available again without any problem . However, for the moment it is unknown how developers will be able to keep two versions of the game active at the same time.

War zone 2.0, as well as the beginning of the first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, will be available from next November 16 . In related issues, it seems that there will be a Call of Duty in 2023. Similarly, the number of players in Modern Warfare II is revealed.

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This is a common practice in free-to-play games. Recall that overwatch closed its servers to give rise to the sequel not long ago. Similarly, Fortnite also becomes inaccessible occasionally when closing some season. The good news is that war zone 1.0 will still be available.