Gravity, 6 kinds of self -development works that can be done in G -Star

Gravity has released more details on the six kinds of developing titles in G-Star 2022, which will be held in BEX CO, Susan from 17th to 20th.

In this G-Star, Gravity will run B2C booths around the demonstration and show 13 games. Among them, six kinds of self-developed small, including Hello Hell, Shiva Knight, Weed Cup, Kababaco-Missologue of Cube, Ramon Wars, and Ramon Marvel.

First, Hellhole is the RPG’s process of exploring hell by digging the ground with the sacred shovel received by the self-proclaimed angel. Based on the fantasy worldview based on hell and devil, he emphasized the cute visuals with animation-style graphics and second-class SD characters.

The Kamibako-mythology of cube is then an RPG that explores the world to reverse the divided world, fighting monsters and restoring the land with puzzles. It is released on PC, mobile, console, etc.

Ramon Marvel is a casual board game that plays a real-time match on the board with Ragnarök Monsters character. It supports several modes, including classic mode, speed mode, individual exhibition, and team match, and various skill cards are equipped with various skill cards to play strategic.

With Cuppa is a game that fosters Virtual Pet Pupa with a round and cute appearance. In various ways, you can enjoy affection and mini-game together. In addition, Pupa can be decorated with various costumes and the Pupa House can be decorated.

Ramon Wars is an action game that plays a real-time match with Ragnarök Monsters character. A party with various monsters and destroys the opponent’s tower. In addition to puzzle skills, various play can be played according to monster attributes, monster jobs, and strategies.

Shipmates is a Merovingian side-scrolling PC action game. In order to stop the threat in Barnard, where many races coexist, the guard captain Shiva explores the ruins and defeats the dangerous boss. The more you play, the higher the difficulty, and you can grow your character with hidden abilities and upgrades.


In addition to this, Gravity supports Pretoria, Necrology: Path to Evil ship, Ragnarök in Strange Country, River Tales: Stronger Tails, and Altered Shift. Demonstrate five indie games, Twilight Monk. Ragnarök Experience with Gravity X The Sandbox also released.

For more information, please visit the G-Star Special website.