Open World Island Living ADV LENS Island Large update Uncharted Waters distributed on December 16! Added new weapons, new biomes, etc.

Flow Studio has announced that it will release a large update uncharted waters for PC (Steam) on December 16 local time for PC (Steam).

This work is a slow life craft survival set on a nature-rich island, and early access was started on Steam in November 2021. At the moment, it is only English notation, but it will eventually support Japanese.

30 Professionals are generated in the islands generated, collecting materials, building homes that are their bases, capturing underground dungeons where dangerous enemies fluctuate, and collected items. You can enjoy the free play depending on the player, such as exchanging in the trade post, enjoying fishing easily.

◆ Large update uncharted waters

The largest update uncharted waters has been added to various new features and content since the early access to 2021 started.

・ 6 biomes

Six new biomes have been added, each with unique resources, enemies, secret areas, and bosses, each has a specific weather phenomenon peculiar to biome. Also, new maps will appear, so let’s go on an unknown sea area on a canoe, squid, houseboat.


As new functions, agricultural work automated by water power generation, hydropower pump, light stone dust, and it will be possible to develop and harvest crops more efficiently than ever. The newly added fruit tree will be available as a recipe for machine oil and cooking.

・ Dungeon capture

This work is also attractive to the dungeon capture that defeats enemies with a wide range of battle styles and skills. It seems that new weapons, new enemies and bosses, etc. have been added in the update now, making it even deeper.

Open World Island Living ADV LEN’S ISLAND Large update uncharted waters will be distributed to PC (Steam) on December 16 local time.