Dragon size comparison: explanation of the dragons house

With the arrival of the dragons dance, some important notions have been established. Until now, as we have seen in House of the Dragon, the Black have the greatest number of dragons. However, it has been clear that, in this context, size matters. Therefore, it is relevant to establish a comparison between the size of the dragons that we have already seen in House of the Dragon and those that may appear in the future.

House of the Dragon-Dragon Size Comparison

Since House of the Dragon got up due to the success of his mother program, we must point out that if there is something that Game of Thrones did not nail, he was representing the size of Dan aery’s dragons with precision . Therefore, it can be confusing for some spectators compare the two programs. Just to get this out of the way, Drug worm is bigger than his brothers Regal and View Objective remains smaller than any of the dragons that appear in House of the Dragon . Therefore, if you thought that Dog was great compared to the much smaller Arrex (the dragon of Cerys), they cheated you.

Image Source: HBO Max.

Hagar , once mounted by Lana Velar yon, is now on the side of Green with Almond as his rider. This is the largest dragon of the program . Compared to the final size of Dragon in season 8 of Game of Thrones, Hagar has more than double its size. In fact, it is estimated that Hagar has 492 feet long (150 meters), which is surprisingly longer than a FIFA soccer field (around 344 feet or 105 meters). Interestingly, although Balerion (the Misery Dragon) was bigger, died of old age before Misery was king.

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To balance the balance, at the end of the season, Daemon tests his talents of dragon whisper and tries to claim what we believe is. Either, the second-largest dragon .

Image Source: HBO Max.

Then follow Dreamer (Helena Dragon), Carafes (Daemon Dragon) and Medleys (Hands Dragon) In this order . While Dreamer is the largest of the three, the difference does not seem to be so relevant as to import in the context of the confrontation. By way of comparison, it is said that Carafes is half the size of Hagar. Although it could not be as long as a FIFA football field you would still have to build around 192 PS5 throughout to get the face length.

Image Source: HBO Max.

Sarah (Chandra Dragon) It comes next since she is a little smaller. To better visualize the sizes, I only imagine Dragon season. It should be smaller than Medleys but bigger than Sarah. While the Sarah size changes during the show, it is likely that it does not evolve much since they keep it chained and does not seek its own food most of the time.

Image Source: HBO Max.

Three others that could easily be smaller than Sarah. Although we have not seen Cessation, or his rider, they could appear in the future. She is a third of the size of Hagar, or in other words, while the height of the inclined tower of Pisa .

Image Source: HBO Max.

Now we enter the smallest side where we find the dragons that belong to all the children that Chandra and Daemon had, either together or separately. German (Backers Dragon), Arrex (Luxury Dragon) and Tirades (Joffrey Dragon) They are similar and are the largest of the little ones . It is said that Arrex is five times smaller than Hagar, so he must take about 40 steps to walk to the dragon from one end to the other.

Finally, follow, Storm cloud (Dragon of Argon III), Joyful (Sahara Dragon) and Moon dancer (Bela Dragon), which have not appeared during season 1 Of these, Joyful and Abundance are remarkably smaller.

As for the wild dragons that the Black are looking at, we could still see, for example, Sheepstealer or Silvering that, in terms of size, are between Either and Dreamer.

That is all you need to know about the size of the Dragons of House of the Dragon . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more news and information about the program, including all the wild dragons of the program and those who died in season 1.

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