Epic Games would have sold Gears of War for running out of ideas

As already known, Gears of War E s one of the microsoft emblem franchises, which they acquired shortly after the third installment, and that is because the brand belonged to Epic Games. And now, one of the main designers, Cliff Bleszinski , mentions that when it was sold, its owners no longer had many ideas.

Bleszinski served as the main designer in the first three games of the series for a period of 20 years in Epic that ended in 2012 , a year after the launch of the third game, and two years before Microsoft acquired intellectual property.

Despite the success of the franchise, Bleszinski told the media that he believes that Epic The ideas were over where to take Gears after the departure of several key members of the staff. So selling the franchise would not have been much problem.

Here are your comments:

Honestly, I think that once Perry, myself and Rod Ferguson, we left, I think epic really didn’t know what to do with the franchise.

I hadn’t launched a game for a long time. The Unreal Engine was going quite well, but they were growing, and they probably needed income even though they really didn’t know what to do with the future of the franchise.

Since the purchase made Microsoft , two video games of the franchise have been released, but for now there are no plans to return. At least that in the coming months a surprise announcement is launched.

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Editor’s note: Is it that soon they reveal a new video game? This could occur in the next The Game Awards, or until E3 2023.