Valorant: Patch 5.09 ings light changes in transition to major changes in 2023

Every two weeks a new patch arrives at Valorant and with it several important adjustments in agents, maps or bug corrections. In this patch, we have no major changes in gameplay, so the goal will remain well flat until at least the update 5.10.

Riot has major changes in mind for FPS _,But today is not this day. In this update 5.09 we will have sole and exclusively bug corrections , in addition to the new skins pack that will reach Valiant with the theme of Halloween.

Bug corrections are as follows:

  • Harbor waterfall no longer disappears when they are not looking at it (correction implemented during the 5.08 cycle).
    Crossing the Harbor Cove Barrier again blinded the players at the correct distance (correction implemented during the 5.08 cycle).
  • Harbor’s high tide has again opened of normal sizes in certain places in the maps.
  • The Harbor reckoning geysers came back in the area where the player is.
  • Throughout the year, we have implemented improvements regularly on Skye’s trackers. With this, we hope they will be more reliable and efficient in reaching the target.

Small changes in Skye’s trackers by sailing close to obstacles after viewing the target.
If the target is unattainable when trackers reach it, the negative effect will have no effect. This includes Reyna with dispensing and You with dimensional espionage.
You no longer enters stealth and unattainable state if it has been retained during dimensional espionage conjuration. Retention now interrupts conjuration correctly.
Fade can no longer activate the haunting and enclosure projectiles to fall while it is suppressed.
Reyna no longer heals after a slaughter during empress even being suppressed.
Sage can no longer eak his own barrier instantly when trying to see himself in a corner.

The big changes expected for 2023

For the coming months, and with the arrival of 2023, Valorant will have several open fronts that will have to resolve to return a certain balance to the game. The first one is Chamber , which is still very strong and Riot could not stop him despite the nerf that he received months ago. Another great nerf is expected.

Another agent that will receive a nerf is fade . From the first day of its release the initiator is very strong, with such powerful kit and skills with utal game impact. So much so that it is an almost mandatory choice in virtually every map, so you will also receive a nerf.

Not only will there be nerfs in Valorant, as Cypher is on the list to receive improvements . Buffs have been confirmed by Riot developers, although we have not yet known when they will be released on the official server. What is clear is that it is very possible that they keep them for the arrival of the new act that would arrive at the beginning of the year.