Xbox intends to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation as long as the console continues to exist

Since the beginning of Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard purchase process, Sony is intervening and protesting , especially because of the Call of Duty franchise. The company argues that Xbox can take games from PlayStation, but apparently Microsoft has different plans…

Microsoft planned to leave Cod a good time on PlayStation


In previous texts, Microsoft said it intended to leave the COD franchise several years in Sony consoles. In addition, the company tried to deploy Game Pass on PlayStation, but this was denied, according to official documents.

Currently, the company’s speech has changed a little, so Microsoft says it intends to leave Call of Duty on PlayStation while there are still consoles of the company, just as they did with Minecraft, Moving.

Microsoft intends to keep Cod on PlayStation

In an interview with the Same ain Podcast , Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming says that as long as there is a PlayStation console they will continue to allow Call of Duty to be thrown on the platform, just as they did with Minecraft, after taking possession of the game. In addition, he also confirms that he would love to see the game at Nintendo Switch.

Hill also states that they intend to keep the franchise while still making sense… After all technology changes and many twists in the game industry can still happen.