The world is noted in the world where K-Methabus Jiangsu Enterprise is opened.

As the wave of K-content is spreading to the world, domestic ict jiangsu companies are also speeding up entering the overseas market. Domestic companies with strengths in games, animations, and content are attracting the attention of the world.

The strengths include unique ideas and technology, and product and service capabilities proven in high levels of domestic market environment. In addition to the global Korean wave frenzy and the efforts of industrial support agencies, the company adds strength to the leap into the global market. As the online and offline integrated support infrastructure to help pioneer the market, such as the ICTWOW of the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (IPA), has also been wings.

In addition, domestic Jiangsu ICT companies have attracted the attention of overseas demand companies in the K-Meta Bus Expo Susan, which was recently held in Susan.

■ Crispy, Create a space that combines culture and technology

Crispy (CEO Tae-hyun Son) starts with animation content and creates a new entertainment space that combines digital technology and content.

In 2012, it introduced the animation ‘Roller Coaster Boy Nor’ based on the theme of amusement park. It was loved by children around the world for its friendly and unique material of amusement park and roller coaster. Based on this IP, it operates a family space that adds technology and emotions such as digital kids cafés.

It is also noteworthy that the digital play space, Nor Cube, which can be easily installed in a kids café or play facility. The video is projected on all sides of the 4x4m space, giving you experience as if you are in a different world like meths or virtual reality. The sensor is installed on the wall, so you can watch the content or play the game by touch.

In addition, it is possible to collaborate with green smart classrooms, construction company model houses, department stores, and theaters. The company has already supplied Metals education contents to the Susan Future Education Center.

In the future, Notice is also being connected to external metals and linked to education and learning. In addition, SDK will be released so that external producers can freely supply related contents. Son Tae-hyun said, We will secure content that people can enjoy and evolve into a platform with meths development base and actual physical space.

Kristi is also actively entering the overseas market by establishing Nor Cube content such as digital escape game and masterpiece experience. Crispy’s digital play areas such as digital kids cafés are installed in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany, and Nor Cube is also preparing for Frankfurt. Notice’s entry into Vietnam is speeding up as consultation with Vietnamese companies, which met at the INTO online export consultation held with the K-Methabus Expo in Susan, is rapidly conducted.

Son Tae-hyun, CEO of Crispy, said, The idea of combining technology and content is naturally due to the history of studying electronic engineering and film.

■ Eiders, 3D wireless controller that adds immersion in virtual reality

Eiders (CEO Lee Byung-chan) produces three-dimensional (D) wireless mice and game controllers to provide a new experience for virtual reality (VR) and meta bus environment.

In 2017, the company developed AIDUSGUN, a VR game controller suitable for start-up and gun game (FPS). This product features gameplay with only motion sensors without external devices such as cameras.

Since then, the Information and Communications Industry Promotion Agency (IPA) support project has implemented reaction and acoustics to provide more lively play and improved products that are linked to PC games. It also provides software support and development ability, such as SDK for related game development and shooting analysis systems using motion sensor technology.

Based on this technology and experience, Eiders introduced a Joystick-shaped 3D wireless mouse ‘NATICK’. The motion sensor technology can be used to use it as a sophisticated game controller as well as a general mouse function.

This product allows you to use a scroll key in the thumb position to surf the web and control multimedia. In addition, when using it as a presenter, it is possible to provide delicate functions such as video playback and various buttons that are not possible with existing products. You can set the macro keyboard, which can be used as a shortcut when you simplify the repetitive document tasks.

Representative Lee Byung-chan said, The main demand for Next stick will be a game first. Without an external device such as an LED bar or camera, you can aim and shoot like an arcade game on any monitor, so you can experience an immersive gun game. Vibration control function using IoT function also add fun. In 2021, crowdfunding in the US Kickstarter and Make, Japan, received a good response to funding more than the target.

Representative Lee Byung-chan said, If you apply the Nexis Game SDK, you can enjoy PCs and VR games with arc games wirelessly regardless of the monitor type..

At the INTO online export consultation, Exits is currently discussing export discussions with Canadian game developers, BLIMP, which develops VR flight simulation games, and 7A media, US-American Digital Media companies, which are mainly active in the South American market.

■ LETI, Easy AR content in the web environment


Leslie (CEO AHN Sang-cheol) provides development technology that implements AR content directly from the web browser. Lessie’s development tool ‘Wear SDK’ and AR Content Works ‘Less Creator’ can be used easily and conveniently in the general browser environment.

AR content is usually used through the app. The user has become an obstacle to the spread because it has to download and install the app to experience AR. Developers often hesitate to develop AR services due to issues such as app production and distribution costs.

On the other hand, if you use Lessie’s Wear SDK, you can run directly to your smartphone’s web browser without going through the app download process. There is no constraint of the smartphone management system. Developers can also create relevant services with the power of existing web personnel, even if they do not have professional AR personnel. The goal is to lower AR barriers in both users and developers.

Lessie went on a step further and recently introduced the AR copyright tool Let Creator, who can create augmented reality content with only mouse clicks and ‘drag and drop’. AR content is possible without special development knowledge. In addition, the AR contents produced can be distributed immediately through the web server, and updates and modifications are simple. By bringing your smartphone to the QR code, you can provide additional information about the product or get learning information in the educational field.

AHN Sang-cheol said, We are commercializing Wear SDK for the first time in Korea to provide web-based AR technology to domestic and foreign companies.