Obsidian New Mystery RPG Pentiment Released on Xbox/PC, where medieval painters challenge the murder case resolve

Obsidian Entertainment, which has worked on The Outer Worlds, will release the new RPG Sentiment on November 15 for Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Microsoft Store). Did.

This work is a historical mystery RPG that survives the turbulent era as a painter involved in a conspiracy in the medieval Bavarian Alps. Andreas Mahler, a german illustration painter in the early 16th century, is involved in a serial murder case that continues to occur at the Kiel SAU. While struggling to find the culprit in a small town, he is drawn into the center of the conspiracy behind the case.

In a world drawn with unique art such as decorative manuscripts, you can select Andreas’s educational background, lifestyle, and how to investigate incidents. Collect information by digging up a dead monk in the graveyard, listening to the gossip of farmers. In the era when religion and politics change significantly, it will be accused of influencing later generations.

Sentiment will be released on November 15 for Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). Xbox Game Pass will also be available from the first day of release. At the time of writing this article, it does not support Japanese.