Why does the Nordic Saga of God of War will only have two games?

To the surprise of many, the Nordic saga of God of War will only be composed of two games, the title of 2018 and Ragnarök _. With the sequel to a little less than a month away, developers have shared more details about this series, and have revealed why it was not decided by a trilogy on this occasion .

In a series of interviews, several members of Sony Santa Monica revealed that the conversations between making a trilogy or only two games were a very complicated topic of discussing. However, at the end of the day, was Cory Barlow who decided to just make two titles. This is what Rich Gallery commented, the main writer of the title:

If the Nordic saga was going to be a trilogy or only two games, it was something that we discussed a lot. Obviously, there were pros and cons for either of the two approaches. So we wait for Cory Barlow to think, and he did. And he said: Let’s do it in two.


I am very excited that people see this final chapter. Many things happen. We put our characters tested. But we also give them a closure, and provide answers to many of the questions posed by the first game.

For its part, Ariel Ancelotti, main producer of the title, added

The consequence of that is how to wrap this story in a game and do justice to Ragnarök. How can we get to that and then have a great moment at the end of the game and close all those loose threads?

This game is bigger than we had initially planned. There are many important moments in history that we needed to cover. And, in the end, it ends up looking great and epic because there are many things that people can enjoy.

With God of War Ragnarök_ planned to reach PS4 and PS5 on November 9 , the wait to know the outcome to this story in Rates’ life is about to end. In related issues, this is how Thor’s family looks in the game. Similarly, a special PS5 package was announced with this game.

Editor note :

It is an interesting idea to end history with only two games. Although Rates’ future is still in the air, it is good to see a group of creatives puts an end to his history, when they could easily make another delivery and be a greater commercial success.