Wemade, Blockchain Mainnet WeMix 3.0 launch

[ Moon Byung-soo] Remade (CEO Gang Hyung) launched the blockchain main net ‘WEMIX3.0’. On the 20th, the network started in earnest by creating a Genesis block (first block) at noon.

Remix 3.0 is a platform-oriented and service-oriented main net. Remade plans to partner with various companies and projects that can contribute to the growth and expansion of the Mega-Ecosystem based on the Remix 3.0.

Remix 3.0 has key requirements for blockchain networks such as decentralization, security and scalability. The company explains that it operates stable and efficiently through technology and business cooperation with 40 Wonders, a proven node council partner.

In the Genesis Block, first issued by Remix 3.0, King Sejong’s preface to Hunminjeongeum went up to font images and English text. Like Hangul, the peak of the ideology that makes it easier to learn and write texts, We 3.0 also contains aspirations and pledge to prevent everyone from all over the world in the new digital economy.


According to the launch of the main net, the migration work that converts the existing ‘REMIX Classic’ into ‘Remix Coin’ will be discussed in consultation with each exchange. The existing ‘REMIX WALLET’ app has been changed to Play Wallet. The new We Wallet will also be introduced for Remix Coins. Later, Play wallet users can use the bridge service to change the Wax token directly to Remix Coin.

Gang Hyung, CEO of Remade, said, A new digital economy based on blockchain technology is being held worldwide, and the Remix, which started 4 years and 10 months ago, has built business leadership. We will lead the paradigm shift to the digital economy.

Remade will publish a stable coin ‘REMIX $’ on the 22nd of this month and unveils the decentralized financial service ‘WEMIX.FI’. Nile, which combines NFT and DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), will also be introduced in succession. The current blockchain gaming platform Remix Play is preparing for the Remix 3.0 connection and renewal.