Autonomous AI human relationship RPG LOOP8 (Loop Eight) will be released on March 16, 2023. Human relationships formed in everyday life affect the battle

Marvelous announced on October 19 that it will launch Loop8 (Loop Eight) on March 16, 2023. The compatible platform is PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. In addition, the PC (Steam) version will be released on March 21 from Marvelous subsidiary Seed Games.

Loop8 is a Job Nile RPG with a summer story. The stage is in August 1983. Humanity is threatened by the Began, a catastrophe. The main character, Nine, reaches a calm rural town, Ashikaga Nakatsu-cho, and repeats August many times while fighting out-of-the-box. Spend a month through every day and extraordinary parts.

In the daily part of Loop8 (Loop Eight), the NPCs act on their own will and emotions. Such actions change emotions to others and human relationships with others. It is a system in which the emotions and relationships change not only by the player’s choice, but also by the autonomous behavior of NPCs. These human relationships have changed the events and progress that occurred significantly. This is because human relationships affect battle in this work.

In this work, in extraordinary parts, we will challenge the dungeon called Hokum Osaka to fight the outside of humans. Up to three people will fight at a party, but only the main character Nine can be operated. The other two acts by human relationships and emotions with other characters. The relationship with the external host also affects the battle. For example, if the relationships in the party are bad, members act on their own and the battle is disadvantageous. If the reverse relationship is good, friends can work well to proceed with the battle. There is no level of concept in this work, and it seems that the strength is determined by daily training and human relationships.

This work is in charge of game design/scenario by Yuri Shibuya, known for High Mobile Fantasy Gun Parade March. Character design is handled by Mr. Moniker, who worked on Vicuna Ai, and Shin gate Ada chi, who is known for the character design of the anime Sword Art Online. The concept art is drawn by illustrator Kitsineiro, and the music is written by Tokuyuki Iwanritsu, who was also involved in the Reversal Trial series. Chichi Miami, who served the Grandma series and others, will be the development of development. It seems that Mr. Shibuya is involved in the fact that elements such as autonomous AI and human relationships between characters are intense.

The official website contains a variety of information such as basic systems, character settings, and official novels, so you should check it out. Loop8 will be released on March 16 for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch on March 16 for PC (Steam).