All content will appear in the Drimlinite Valley in updating Scar’s Kingdom.

Disney Dream light Valley turns into a well-known and popular adventure game in the genre of the simulator of life due to its nostalgic spirit of Disney and the inclusion of some of the best characters in Disney, whom everyone knows and loves. In this experience, much has to be done: from friendship with characters in the valley to decoration and creating clothes and furniture. They continue to add more intriguing storylines and characters with each update. Here’s what you can expect from the renewal of the Kingdom of Scars!

everything that will appear in Disney Dream light Valley in the SCAR’s Kingdom update

The renewal of the Kingdom of Scars is the first major renewal of content that appeared in the game, and it brings so many interesting new functions, errors and switches that the community hoped to see.

Pillars of raising the sun-filled plateau

With this update, the players will finally begin to restore the solar plateau by biome. You will delve deep underground in hidden mine tunnels under the plateau and hope to restore the pillar of education. But you do not have to go al1. You will have an unexpected ally that will help you in your dangerous enterprise-a scar!

The storyline of the scar and the Friendship Tree

As can be seen from the name of the update, you can also meet the character of Sharma from the King of Leo. He was trapped due to oblivion, but you can free it with your magic and make friends with it. This cunning lion has many quests that need to be fulfilled with a completely new tree of friendship, full of prizes on the theme of King Leo.

New Star Way

Since the Pixar Star Path is over, this update will also show a change in the topic for the event. On ten pages of fascinating new villainous objects, from furniture to clothes, you will be busy performing duties to earn points and spend as much as possible. Remember that these stellar routes last a limited time, so get what you want until it disappears.

New Decor and Halloween outfits

This update comes out at the most terrible time of the year, so it is quite appropriate that players will be able to decorate their valleys and characters in Halloween costumes. You can find these outfits and jewelry in the Scrooge store and make them at the workshop to celebrate the season. Follow the new seasonal surprises, perhaps soon!

Error corrections and community changes

This update not only brings new content, but the developers listen to the changes and corrections that the community is in need, and adhere to them so that they can properly enjoy their experience. In this update, you will see many errors that make the gameplay more smooth, especially for those who play Nintendo Switch. You will also see thin expected changes, such as more hair color options, improved storms, rain that will water your plants, and much more.

In the future, Disney Dream light Valley will appear many more interesting updates and content, so follow the updates to find out when they appear. In the meantime, enjoy the renewal of the Kingdom of Scars and enjoy all the terrible entertainments!

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