A Plague Story Requiem: All chapters at a glimpse

The amount of chapters is there? The tale is split right into 17 chapters, which is divided right into various sections once more, which you can call up and play once more individually after playing via in the chapter option.

Alicia and also Hugo experiences a psychological experience again in a Ester Story Requiem to help Hugo. Contrasted to A Plague Story Virtue, we are used a great deal much more in the follower. That means numerous chapters. To ensure that you can orient on your own far better when playing, we have an overview of all chapters that you have to go with in Requiem throughout.

But be careful! The names of the chapters and also areas indicate the material and thus ruin the tale. If you don’t want to be influenced, it is best not to check out any type of even more.

the chapters of Requiem

  • Stranded
  • Duel
  • On the automobile


  • A year
  • The way to the summit
  • Taking leave

11. The cradle of the centuries

1. Under a new sun

2. Beginners

  • To the round tower
  • The coast
  • Servant dealership
  • The old temple
  • The fortress at a glimpse
  • In the lawn
  • The church

5. Restless fairway

  • Grief
  • In the nest
  • Fresh air
  • Ruined town
  • Rescue

  • The event of the intense days

  • The agreement
  • Stop Arnaud
  • Visitors

  • Arrival in the city

  • To the sector
  • Arcades
  • Confrontation in the stands
  • Underground
  • Igniter
  • Gladiators

  • On the river
  • Rope ferryboat
  • Incomplete bridge
  • Raid
  • Undertaken

17. The legacy of the de Rune family members

13. Nothing remains

  • Towards the sea
  • Pilgrimage
  • Sibling gang
  • Ocher
  • Call the rats
  • Searching reaction
  • The attack

  • Consequences of the episode

  • Back to the card
  • Shut passage
  • Byzantine innovation
  • Protection system
  • Amelia
  • Rat basin
  • The descent
  • The calamity of the predecessor

  • Back to the mainland

  • Retreat
  • Assault to the sea

  • Marseille

  • The descent
  • The fog

3. A problem of the blood

6. Left behind

15. Dying sun

4. Responsibility of the guard

  • Time limit
  • Night change
  • Risky path
  • The tar workshop
  • Collaboration against will
  • The mass grave on the water
  • Hugo’s reputation

  • Discover

  • To the shelter
  • On the hill
  • Entering the shelter
  • Night and day
  • Phoenix metro
  • Immersion

  • A long journey

  • Beehives
  • Far-off desires
  • Lie
  • Raging fire

12. A better life

7. Bad guy

  • Ft from La Cuba
  • Refugees in the palace
  • Fatal trap
  • Escape from the cellar
  • On the boundary

9. Stories as well as discoveries

16. King Hugo

  • Arrival on the beach
  • Cavern flow
  • Much more rats
  • Arnaud’s martial arts
  • The angling village
  • Drained pipes

10. Family

8th. A sea of assurance

  • Via the city
  • Butcher area
  • Rodrick’s tool
  • The entrance
  • On the borders
  • At the herbalist
  • Behind bars
  • The warehouse

14. Recovering wounds

In this trailer, the tale of Requiem will be introduced to you once more:

what concerning the season?

A Ester Tale Requiem is two times as lengthy as Innocence, so it comes to its 20 hrs. Due to the degrees of problem, you ought to additionally depend on a different worth, especially considering that in the past there was additionally a couple of hrs of play.

Did you anticipate numerous chapters or did you assume less?

** The names of the chapters as well as sections show the material and therefore spoil the tale.

Alicia as well as Hugo experiences a psychological experience once again in a Ester Tale Requiem to assist Hugo. Compared to A Plague Tale Innocence, we are supplied a lot a lot more in the follower. That indicates numerous chapters. That you can orient on your own far better when playing, we have a review of all chapters that you have to go via in Requiem to the end.