Overwatch 2 has been balanced, so there is no quick balance adjustment between heroes.

Blizzard reveals the current hero balance and future policies on the developer blog overwatch 2 .

According to the developer blog, some heroes have a better performance than others, but all heroes are 45%to 55%, and they do not exceed the target range. It indicates a policy that will not be adjusted immediately. As an exception, the balance adjustment will be performed on the major patch on October 25, local time in the game mode Total Mayhem.

BLIZZARD has always set the goal of having the uniqueness and characteristics of each season, and is planning to change the balance in Season 2 while maintaining the balance and fairness of the game.

Detailed analysis for each roll is also shown, and in the tank, D.VA is the most topic, and although it has become stronger after the beta test, Reinhardt is actually Reinhardt. It states that Sigma and Maria also boast a high non-symmetric win rate of 53%.

In DPS, Genii and Soon were popular, but it was revealed that they were gradually calming down, and Genii boasted a high win rate of 52 %, so if you need to nerf in Season 2. If there is, it is said that he is considering adjusting the bonus when killing the enemy, which is a passive damage role that goes well with Genii.

Furthermore, mention that Symmetry and Thornton boast the highest win rate in several ranks, both heroes are a counter for Genii, so the popularity of Genii is affecting the popularity of Genii. Is considered.

Support has been mainly analyzed about Kirk, and it has been revealed that many players have become accustomed to the winning rate from 48%to 52%in the past week.

In addition, you can check the full text of the developer blog, such as maps and rank systems.