The best healers in Overwatch 2, classified

Overwatch 2 support heroes are crucial team members who can be useful for healing and improving attacks. So, if you are not sure to select a character, here is a ranking of the best healers in 2 Overwatch.

8. Kenyatta

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Kenyatta is a support hero that can help launch powerful attacks with his orb of destruction and orb of discord. Players can help tanks launching the orb of discord to increase the damage that an enemy can receive. As a healer, Kenyatta can use his Orb of Harmony to cure close teammates and his ability, transcendence, to make the character invulnerable. However, the survival rate of it is relatively low, and it is better to use it with equipment than alone.

7. Moira

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Unlike Kenyatta, Moira has a high survival rate, which can be useful with each 5V5 round in Overwatch 2. In addition to this characteristic, its FADE ability can make it disappear and increase its mobility at the same time as it is invulnerable. In addition, she can tremendously cure the allies with her biotic grip and her biotic orb. Her talents not only remedied her teammates, but also damage enemies. For example, Moira’s maximum ability, Coalescence, can shoot a ray to restore the health and attacks of the group.

6. Mercy

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What makes Mercy a good support character is her rapid mobility and her healing talents. Her the ability of her Guardian Angel can launch the players towards her allies, along with her Super Jump that can take her to new heights. In addition, the character can start her ultimate from her, Valkyrie, to fly through the map and use the improved healing powers of her. However, it is possible that she has difficulty lasting the rounds on her account, so she is recommended to work with her teammates.

5. Baptist

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Baptiste is an excellent option for a support hero in Overwatch 2 because he can survive more time in the rounds and immensely help the team with his healing peculiarities. For example, her regenerative explosion can instantly cure the character and nearby allies, doubling the rate of those with a low health bar. In addition to these powers, Baptiste can enhance the attack of its Biotic Launcher through the use of amplification Matrix, a skill that can increase damage and healing effects.


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Compared to Brigitte’s performance in the first Overwatch, she has greatly improved her attack and support skills. For example, her passive talent, inspire, can be constantly used during the game, which will cure teammates every time she attacks an enemy. She is also the only healer with a shield, she creates an energy barrier with Barrier Shield and demolishes opponents with Shield Bash.

3. Ana

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Because Ana has a biotic rifle and a slightly lower mobility rate, she is the best for long-range battles. Her ability, Sleep Dart, is a great tool that will temporarily demolish enemies, while her biotic grenade can remedy the allies and prevent opponents from healing. However, Ana’s NATO Boost is, without a doubt, one of the best overwatch 2 ultimate, since she can produce unstoppable force by increasing the attack of your teammates and reducing the damage to the enemies.

two. Pike

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It is not surprising that the fans’ favorite, Lucio, is on this list as one of the best healers of overwatch 2. This hero can resist enemy attacks for a long time and move quickly along the battlefield, especially with his speed Boost In addition, players can improve their skills using the peculiarity of AMP it up to improve the skills of their current song. If your team is in a desperate situation, you can temporarily use the sound barrier to create additional health for the allies.

1. Kirk

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As one of the best healers of overwatch 2, Kirk has everything: fast movements, a high damage rate and its ability to survive more time in each round. In particular, the Healing of the character’s ability can point to the allies and launch a gust of healing with her talisman. In addition, players can help team even more with Protection Isuzu, a protective amulet that can make teammates invulnerable and clean the adverse effects.

Finally, the ultimate of her, Hatsune Rush, will summon a fox that will help his companions heroes with the acceleration of the movement, the attack speed and the reuse times of the allies along their way.

That is done by our guide on Classification of the best healers in Overwatch 2 . To get more content about the game, you can see our guide on how to change server or feel free to consult the relevant links below.

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