Roglike excessive & defense ACT DOME KEEPER is a masterpiece defense game that is important to judge and enhance the search according to the situation! [Explosion Repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report * to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver raw contents about Dome Keeper released for PC (Steam) from Raw Fury and Bippinbits on September 27, 2022.


A work that combines rogue mining action and defense action. Players collect resources while digging under the unknown planet, upgrading themselves and dome bases, and defends the base from the attacking aliens attacking.

The alien raids become more powerful each time, and the number and types of resources that can be obtained are random, so upgrading requires cautious judgments. In addition, elements such as Artifact where you can get facilities with special abilities. There are various settings and small takeover elements, and the replayability is high.

This work was originally developed as DOME ROMANTIC produced at the game jam event Lulu Dare 48, which makes games in 72 hours. Based on this work, this work DOME KEEPER was developed by greatly improving all elements, such as game content, graphics, and music.

Approach the actual content of DOME KEEPER!

The basic rules of this work are mining underground and collecting resources → annihilating the aliens that occur regularly, and mining and upgrading in preparation for the next attack. The mode that can be played from the beginning will be cleared by obtaining a large artifact somewhere in the map while proceeding with mining.

There are three types of difficulty, normal, hard, and veteran. In terms of developer, it is the difficulty level assumed by veteran, but the first play was normal. In addition, you can also select the type of dome and gadgets, but most are locked at first.

When you start the game, it starts with the dome, the hero’s base. The machine on the dome is accessible to the upgrade and defense screen. Nevertheless, at first, there is no resource, and you can do it, so you will start mining underground. Mining automatically breaks the protagonist and hits the digging wall.

If you dig a little underground, you will find a glowing ore! If you destroy ore, etc., it will change to a dedicated block in the map, so take a towing beam to the base. Note that if the amount of transportation is too large at once, the movement will be slow and the worst will not be able to move. The goods carried to the base are automatically stored.

There are three types of resources in the basement: iron (square), water (round), and cobalt (triangle). Since the arrangement is random for each game, you may not be able to find valuable resources. However, it is not possible to look for resources and be absorbed in mining. Along with the alien attack, the alarm sounds.

Protect the base! Enhance! Not enough resources!

The defense part is a so-called WAVE defense, and it is a victory if the approaching aliens are destroyed by destroying the base. Defense is performed from the base machine, and players need to select weapons such as guns on the left and right, and attack aliens.

The types of aliens are very abundant, such as rushing into the base, shooting from the sky, suicide in a flock, and diving on the ground and throwing rocks. At first, it is 1-2 aliens, but the amount and type increase each time the raid, but it is not very possible, but it cannot be protected in early defense facilities. The important thing is the upgrade.

The enhanced items are the protagonist (mining) and facilities (defense, etc.), and the resource obtained by mining is required for enhancement. What is as important as possible is the drill enhancement for mining and the movement speed up, but if you focus on mining, you will not be able to withstand the attack. After all, if you do not upgrade this dome, you will not know the durability value or the next alien attack timing.

In addition, the special artifact that can be picked up in the map adds a new facility to the base. The facilities are very diverse, such as lift and teleport, those that refine water, and those that place defense lasers at the base, so that the installed facilities can be strengthened. It will be.

Do you look at your resources and use them for upgrades, or do you manage to save resources while defending? If you make a mistake in this choice, you will quickly become poor and the base will be destroyed. How to reinforce it is the biggest pleasure of this work.

The more you play, the more the world spreads!

By clearing the relic collection mode, a new difficulty, stage, and map size are added to the game. In addition, you can unlock one new dome and gadget as a clear privilege. There are several types of gadgets, such as those that delay aliens attacks.

Among the elements that can be unlocked, I like the base Sword Dome. Sword Dome also has one sword around the dome so that it is not ashamed of its name **. At the time of defense, you swing a sword on the nearby aliens, and the sword is injected to the distant enemies and defeated by wire operation. What is this equipment.

One of to unlock elements is the new mode Fame Challenge. This mode has no clear goal and competes with players around the world for fame that can be obtained for each alien attack. You can see your own rank when the game is over, but it was not a good performance in the world’s top class (by the way, anti-cheats have been introduced in this mode in the latest patch).

Each time you clear it, the number of facilities increases, and the number of ways to enjoy games increases. If the game is over in the relic collection mode, you can take over the artifacts acquired in that episode and try again. Therefore, it is user-friendly that it will be a little easier to clear in the next play. Of course, you can play without taking over.

DOME KEEPER introduced so far. A simple operation has a good balance between the mining part and the defense part, and has a game design that can be enjoyed by players while thinking about resource management, upgrade and time control. By enhancing the drill, you can also enjoy the joy unique to mining games that makes it easy to change the terrain.

It is a very good impression that the whole game has a good tempo, and it is easy to play every time. The pleasure of taking over the best measures that can be done now, thinking, Can I get over the next raid…? I think that this is a proof that it has been produced as fun for development that has a track record of acquiring recovery resources at the last minute.

By the way, the developer BIPPINBITS has participated in many game jam events and has released a game produced by In addition to DOME KEEPER, there is also a puzzle game OF MICE AND DOGGIES released in 2021. If you have the opportunity, please play in various ways.

DOME KEEPER is being distributed for PC (Steam).


Compatible models: PC (Steam)

Play model in the article: PC (Steam)

Release date: September 27, 2022

Author play time at the time of writing: 5 hours

Price: 1,899 yen