Neopin, Claytons first domain service KNS partnership

Neo pin, a blockchain company, announced on the 26th that it has signed a strategic partnership with Clayton’s first domain service ‘CNS (CLAYTON NAME Service)’.

Through this partnership, the two companies will be able to connect Neo pin wallet in the KNS platform ▲ Mutual cooperation for the composition of Delhi products in Neo pin ▲ Technical support and digital assets for the establishment of a blockchain ecosystem of KNS and Neo pin Platform Commercialization ▲ The company plans to carry out overall business cooperation and mutual business cooperation, including the creation of a sound ecosystem of the tokens issued tokens.


As a result, Neo pin will open a swap pool of ‘KNS Token’, which is being used as a key currency in KNS. It is possible to swap between the cryptocurrency and KNS supported by Neo pin, and when supplying liquidity to UNSENT Yield Farming, KNS and NPT (ne opine tokens) can be rewarded according to the deposit ratio.

CNS, a clayton-based domain service, is a service that converts long and complex addresses such as virtual asset wallets and metadata into simple domains like ‘’. Overseas, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), an Ethereum domain service, is becoming popular.

KNS signed an official partnership with Aka’s affiliates, Crust, and attracted investment from Hyperism, a virtual asset financial service company that Coinbase and Samsung Next participate as shareholders.