There are many reports that the player appears like a cheetah in Splatoon 3. Missile storm that keeps flying endlessly

It seems that a cheetah-like player appeared in the latest series Platoon 3 released by Nintendo on September 9. The report listed on SNS has confirmed a player shooting a special weapon (hereinafter, special) that is unlikely to be.

Report of cheetah appearance

About two weeks from the release of Platoon 3. It has been alerted because the noticeable cheetah has not been reported. The cheat-like phenomenon reported this time is that the special will be unlimited. Special is a super-special technique that can be used when a special gauge accumulates by applying ink to the floor and is fully charged. The fact that such a special move is used unlimitedly seems to be a characteristic of a cheetah-like user.

Normally, the number of times you can use special in one game is about 10 times even in a long bunker match with a long match time, and on average about 5-6 times. However, this report shows users used 87 times. Even those who are not playing Platoon 3 will be transmitted.

And the special of suspicion, which has been reported by much damage this time, is a multi-missile. After activation, the opponent’s player can be locked on and fired, and the range is the whole map. In other words, you are targeted wherever you are. Missiles fall in the locked player location, so you have to move from the spot. Then, if the missile falls in the place where you escape, the enemy ink will be applied. Among the specials that appear in Platoon 3, it is one of the specials that are often evaluated as strong.

Special disturbed shooting

I would like to see Mr. Te kin’s tweet that encountered a cheetah-like person. The suspected person was witnessed by the challenge of the Ankara Match, and the rules were gachiyagra. In this rule, it occupies the Rashida in the center and pushes it into the opponent’s base. In the video, about 30 seconds after the start, four emerald green teams and three orange opponents crashed in the center of the Maps of the Surety World. Despite the defeat of the opponent’s team in a row, the team has been restricted by the opponent’s multi-missile that falls on the battlefield. As a result, it seems that 87 multi-missiles were shot in the game.

The victim is a replay function added from this work called battle memory, and when you switch to the viewpoint of a person who seems to be a cheetah, you can move a certain distance to the left and right at the end of the enemy line and continue shooting multi-missiles. You can check it. The appearance that repeats its regular movement is like a bot. The special gauge on the upper right is a full charge immediately after using multi-missile. Although the special gauge is used, it seems that the phenomenon of this phenomenon is that it becomes full charge immediately without applying the floor. This series of movements and gauge status can also be found from other players.

The same damage has been reported more than one, and all the cheetah-like users seem to have the same player name. It has also been reported that the player was using Same laid infinitely. After all, it is something that can be used infinitely.

Platoon vs Cheetah

In the previous work Platoon 2, the existence of the cheetah was regularly reported. From invincibility, transparency, firing of sub, it is a number in the game, including money, one of the specials, one of the specials, one of the specials, one of the special jetpacks, and money. Various cheats have been confirmed, such as those that rewrite.

In July 2018, the topic of cheats was a case in July 2018 that overseas players would introduce anti-cheat systems on Edema X Ranking boards. The cheetah occupies the Ranking board for cheating measures to the developer. Later, Reddit says that a person called PLEASEADDANTICHEAT, who seems to be the person, has operated a gachi-power value that is a rating at Edema X for cheat countermeasures.

It is unlikely that this claim, but for Platoon 2, cheats were handled by the operation and development side each time. In the cheats on Nintendo Switch, the existence of CFW (custom firmware) is also a kind of base, and as a countermeasure, measures to prevent software and hard levels have been taken. The cheetah and the Hitachi pretend to be operated are a regular composition in online games, but we also want to expect as soon as possible in Platoon 3.

By the way, the BKI LACT-450 used this time is being attracted attention in Last Discussion (related article). In addition, the allegations of the cheetah overlapped, and continued to receive strange attention. You can use multi-missiles even for BKI, such as Variable Roller and Soil Huber, but Lact-450 is the lowest rank required for use. That may have been adopted for the reason. In any case, the rigging of the case and the allegations of the cheats are not the bad Lact-450, so you should avoid strange decisions just because you see them.

The cooperation of the player is essential for the exclusion of the cheetah. In Platoon 3, malicious players can be reported in the game. If you encounter suspected players, use the report function to wait for the management side to respond.