NBA 2K23 PC: Old bottle of new wine, no interest

The next-generation version is, unfortunately, absent again. Since my title has specifically stated that it is the PC version, old players familiar with the NBA 2K series will know that the PC version of 2K23 is still the same as the previous-generation version. But the price is also much more affordable than the next-generation version, still 199 yuan. Of course, this article will not compare the next-generation version with the PC version too much because even the 2k22 next-generation version is much better than the current-generation version of 2k23, so I will compare the 2k23 more with the 2k22 version. Some of the improvements and advancements made by generations are illustrated.

Tedious operation. As a New Year game is regularly iterated every year, it is not easy for the engine to keep up with the pace of game innovation. 2k23 still uses the old engine inherited from 2K14, so many people will be forced to return to the main page to update. In addition, the trigger of the disk reading mechanism is as familiar as before. The fast game enters the jump ball’s approach animation, touches the ball, and goes out of bounds to the sideline kick. The thug fouls the online free throw and triggers the disk reading point. This animation is played. The cutscenes can be said to be original, dreaming back to 14, but to be honest, it still inadvertently kills people’s enthusiasm for playing games and affects the rhythm of the entire game.

Aside from the stagnation of the normal engine reading mechanism, the game’s graphics are still somewhat improved, but it is not easy to detect, mainly reflected in the lighting, filters, player’s body proportions, etc.; the slow-motion playback is also better than last year. Quite a few, he will start recording the picture from the past or 2K23 dribble before the goal, instead of cutting directly to the goal moment; the camera options are more abundant, the basketball is hit on the hoop, and the hoop will have slight force feedback, Compared with the PC version of 2k22, this upgrade is small, but it is also precious.

The biggest upgrade visible to the naked eye this year is that AI is finally not as dumb as it used to be. 2k23’s brand new AI places extremely high restrictions on dribbling offense. Only a few players whose attributes and badges meet the requirements seem more effective in dribbling offense. Otherwise, even some basic dribbling actions, such as changing in place and Switching hands left and right while moving, will also consume a lot of stamina and stamina. The dribble and shoot animation after the catch has been enhanced, and the player’s screen or jump shot after the catch is more fluid and coordinated. After the ball is dead, the AI ​​will consciously pass the ball instead of throwing or making a penalty stand. When the ball is flying out of bounds, the AI ​​will also take the initiative to save the ball. All kinds of AI logic approach real players, guiding players to interact with AI and enhancing players’ immersion and engagement.

The most user-friendly change in 2K23 is that there are as many as five types of shooting bars (it is said that it will be updated to add to 15 types later), and compared with the “middle green” of 2k22, 2k23 listened to the voices of the players and replaced it with “to the top.” “Green,” which of the two designs is good or bad, varies from person to person, so it’s not a good judgment. However, the green machine’s 100% hit rate continued, strengthening players’ reliance on button timing control and giving the player sufficient and appropriate positive feedback.

In addition to the improvement in the design of the shooting bar on the offensive end, the upgrade on the defensive end is also followed. The 2k23 interference value judgment has been lowered a lot. In the next-generation version of 2k22, Towns stretched his right hand at the free throw line and stood Ja Morant, who is at the top of the arc, can have more than 60% interference on three-pointers. This generation consciously increases the difficulty of the player’s defense. It is no longer Harden’s eye defense, nor is it. No matter how random, pressing the “Y” key can easily interfere with the times, but no matter how close you are to the naked eye, the result of jumping interference may only be an “open space”…

As a legendary superstar who is invited on a routine basis every year, Jordan’s treatment is naturally completely different from other superstars. Say that the biggest selling point of 2k23 is the “Michael Jordan Edition” that has been flying all over the sky as early as the announcement period and the God of basketball — Jordan, which is greatly posted on the cover poster. That is a brand new mode – the “Jordan Challenge” mode. I think I see this mode every time I enter the game. The UI is unceremoniously occupying the largest position and is clearly full of gold content and gimmicks. The Jordan Challenge selected 15 of Jordan’s most glorious basketball career games, brought in personally, and used a story-driven approach to let us look back on his brilliant basketball career that others can’t help but an eclipse.

Of course, the “Jordan Challenge” is not a single fight of God but a highlight of team games. 2k refers to Jordan’s real data and classic scenes in these 15 games and designs three-star challenges in each game, specific to the number of points, assists, and rebounds. And after we achieve them, we can also perfectly reproduce one of the great moments about Jordan that year – “The Shot.”

In terms of details, the “Jordan Challenge” has also made much effort. For example, there is an exclusive short film before the start of each game, talking about Jordan’s greatness to the NBA from the perspective of a third party. This model has too much potential to tap Big Bird, Marshal, Glider, Admiral, Doctor, Magician, and even Gloves. And the TV broadcast style filter, although I have to close my eyes frequently, I still have to praise 2k. At least I plan such a nostalgic mode to bring everyone back to that era.

I look forward to 2K not abandoning this mode in future annual iterations but to carrying forward this mode. This is also the biggest innovation I think 2k23 has made at the planning level.

The 2k series is a monopoly game with no competing products. The slack of the development team is obvious, the lack of progress in the engine, and the obsolete and redundant animations. It is difficult for old players to bring freshness. However, the changes made by 2k23 on some offensive and defensive ends are technically not earth-shattering. Still, they have escorted the player’s experience, and the newly added Jordan Challenge mode is even more impressive. Bright eyes, so happy. Maybe sometimes, your child who hates iron and can’t become steel suddenly gets rid of a trivial flaw, and your heart may already be happy.