Xbox reduces the use of drm in physical games

Since 2013, the use of DRM, technology to avoid online piracy, has been one of the most controversial issues of Xbox . However, over time, the company has done everything possible to reduce the use of constant checks. In this way, it was recently revealed that the September update for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s substantially improves this section.


According to Eden Marie, leading Xbox engineer, the review for physical games in Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s has been reduced to the degree that many of these experiences can already work without having a connection to the Internet . Although there are still cases where an update of day one is required, especially in games where all the information does not come on the album, these are great news for all.

This update allows you to play your own Xbox or | x | s without connection games

They work without connection: You do not need a record (own games)
-Xbox Series
-Xbox One

They do not work without connection: they need a record
-Game pass
-Xbox 360
-Original Xbox

However, an initial record is still needed to play any game.

However, Xbox Game Pass games, 360 and the original Xbox still require an Internet connection to function. On related topics, here is how you can work in Xbox. Similarly, Phil Spencer talks about the possible increase in Xbox Series X | s.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, great news. Although those who only have an Xbox Series S will not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of this update, all who enjoy physical games are those who have won today.