Rumor suggests that Bonnie Ross left 343 for Halo Infinite disaster

A few days ago, it was confirmed that Bonnie Ross, founder of 343 Industries would have stopped working in the company due to problems involving their family and health issues. And while many saga fans Halo trusted her words, it seems that she has not been revealed all the information, which would be related to the last game.

According to the insider known as Brad Sam’s, l at the exit of Bonnie Ross Bad, the online multiplayer section takes a long time to update its seasons. To that we can add details such as the cancellation of the multiplayer on the screen divided locally.

This is what the insider commented:

Halo Infinite is not in good shape. It is not in a good position, it has not lived up to the objectives that Microsoft initially set for 343 when it launched this. Nor is it up to the financial aspect, for what I have heard.

I heard of several people who are a reorganization of the Microsoft administration after what they announced for the third season. I think this most recent information publication was the last drop that filled the glass… this is Microsoft making a great change.

It is also rumored that it could have been a staff cut, but leaving with the founder of the study would not be so logical, in addition, leaving the voluntary statement clearly indicates that Ross went by his own will. For now, things are still somewhat diffuse until Ross goes out to give statements about the true reason for the goodbye to the study.