How to prepare a recipe for apple pie in Tower of Fantasy

Aida café is the best place in the fantasy tower if you want to eat deliciously. And what could be better than a delicious apple pie after the day of adventure on the continent? Find the time to relax and enjoy cooking delicious food, controlling the café. Here is the recipe for the preparation of apple pie in tower of fantasy. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe and ingredients of the apple cake of the Aida café


  • Apple
  • Brown rice
  • Grape
  • Egg bird

where to find ingredients for apple pie in tower of fantasy

Although you probably already have enough brown rice and chicken eggs for life, you still need an apple and grapes. These ingredients are associated with the event of the café of Aida, so be sure to collect them if you want to cook unique dishes. You can find apples in the area of Astra and Bangles , but do not look up, as they lie on the ground. As for grapes, you need to fight with devastated in Nadia to purchase them.

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