Genshin Impact Courage is in the Heart world guide.

Courage in the heart is a local task to the pile in which you will meet the talisman near the empty house of Arena. Following the hints recorded in the diary, you and Pacific meet Arawakan, who needs your help to find your courage.

How to unlock the world task Courage in the heart of a pile in Genshin Impact

To unlock this local task, you first need to perform static species. As soon as this is done, head to the area circled by the circle in the image below. As soon as you get close to this place, Pacific will exclaim that it looks like one of the places noted in the mysterious buffer of the exchange. To defeat the Hilchurlov to get a quest item called Blooming talisman The initiation of courage is in the local mission Heart.

How to complete the local task Courage in the heart of a pile in Genshin Impact

After receiving a quest object, enter the Arena house and interact with inconsistently written notes . This will give you an important hint: Arawakan, Granada, who wrote notes, is looking for courage in a cave in the east.


The entrance to the cave is located in the area circled in the image above. Go inside and follow the way until you find yourself in a wet meadow with hydrolase. Defeat hydroslice To encourage Arawakan to go down a giant mushroom. Talk to Arawakan and give him a blooming talisman to restore his courage. Then talk with him again and follow the quest marker to the location of the king of demons in a fur mask.

You can apply Pedro to Cluster leaf of Cultivation, which indicates the arrow on the image above to create four-leaf prints that you can use to go to the indicated area of the quest. Once on a giant fungus, defeat all the chilchurls and talk to Arawakan to complete the world task. You unlock the achievement of Wonders of the World called how Leo was looking for courage…

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