Epic Games reveals the full session of Unreal Summit Online 2022

[ Moon Byung-soo] Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Sung-cheol) unveiled the entire session and details of ‘Unreal Summit Online 2022’, which will be held online from September 27 to 30.

Unreal Summit is a conference that shares the technology and development know-how of Unreal Engine. As the year continues, the use of Unreal Engine is rapidly expanding to all industries, so this year, sessions for creators in various fields will be held free of charge.

Unreal Summit Online 2022 will hold a total of 20 sessions on the 27th, 28th, 29th, 29th movie, TV & animation, and 30th architectural and automobile industry.

On the first day, sessions on topics common to various industries are held. Starting with the opening welcome speech by Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, the theme of ‘The Future of Content Creation’ will explain the changes in the content production method through Unreal Engine in all industries, and the ecosystem of Epic Games.

In addition, the main technologies of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, including ‘Use the Chaos Physical Engine 200%’, ‘Create a Broken Background Pro with Modeling Mode and Fracture Mode’ Introducing lectures on the theme of ‘Meta Human: Messiah Meta Human and IN Retaking’.

In the second day, Nixon Games introduces the case of ‘First Dependent’, which is produced with high visual quality using Unreal Engine on the theme of ‘First Dependent Creator using Unreal Engine’. In addition, Nitro Studios will cover cases related to the implementation of comfortable cross play environment on various platforms such as PC, mobile, and console, under the theme of ‘Cart rider: Drift Multi Platform’.

In addition, Indie Developer Turtle Cream shares the process of building a toy-style art director on the theme of ‘RP7’s art directions and pipelines’ and asset production tips for small-scale development teams. In addition, Epic Games is also prepared to follow the ‘Crowd Animation: Urban Sample Plugin’ and ‘UE5 Mobile Rendering Update’ session.

On the third day, a movie, TV and animation-related sessions are held. West World introduces the know-how that produces high quality results in a short time on the theme of ‘Netflix VP Open House in Korea’. Giant Step shares the tips that will help you create realistic characters based on ‘SORT’ cases and digital human production experiences.

BC Studio will give a lecture on ‘Virtual Production TV & Live Event Application’ based on actual cases such as KBS’s Kiss the Universe and BTS Performance in 2020 MAMA. Studio Gale is the first in Korea’s first theatrical film, Scavengers, Korea’s first theatrical film, Wingers: A suspicious camping production machine, But image Works, on the theme of ‘Flexible video production pipeline through Unreal Engine Free Biz’ Guide. Epic Games Korea will also give a lecture on the real-time 3D technology of Unreal Engine, which opens the future of the content industry.

On the last fourth day, lectures on the theme of architecture & car are held. Especially in the architectural field, various digital twin construction cases using Unreal Engine will be introduced. Russell’s Russell shares how to create a high quality digital twin in the ‘Project BYU’ lecture that implements Seoul as a UE5 digital twin, and Sam woo Mouth is an efficient port with the ‘Carlos Port Monitoring System’ The digital twin, which was built for logistics management, will be introduced, and the Seoul Institute of Technology will introduce the digital twin construction process of ‘CESIUM Unreal Engine Integration using the Seoul Spatial Information Platform S-MAP data’.

In addition, Hyundai Motor’s Nam yang Research Institute’s’ Real Time Ray Tracing Real Vehicle Outside Mirror and Digital Side Mirror Implementation ‘,’ Pipeline that automatically generates BIM data from SL and augmented human operation at the construction site ‘that automatically generates BIM data from XR content’ There is also a lecture called Epic Eco System, which supports the manufacturing industry digital transformation.

Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, Unreal Summit Online 2022 innovates how to produce and experience 3D interactive content through Unreal Engine in all industries such as games, movies, TVs, animations, architecture, and automobiles. We have prepared all-time sessions that can be directly helped, he said. I hope you will get creative inspiration for the true digital future through your innovative examples.