How to scan your face in the NBA 2K23 – import your face for MyPlayer and Mycareer

NBA 2K23 allows you to enjoy the best basketball in the world. But for the most exciting experience, you need to plunge into the game. This is possible in Career mode, where you can create a player similar to you, except your head. Thus, you must import your face for the full use of MPlayer. To do this, you need to know how to scan your face in the NBA 2K23.

How to import your face in NBA 2K23

Here’s how to become the face of the NBA 2K23 or at least the Career mode. The import of your image is not complicated. Just follow these instructions, and you will dominate the spotlight. Remember that you will still need real basketball skills to reach the top.

  1. Enter the game 2K23 and enter your account 2K Sports.
  2. Download the Mynba2K23 application for Android or iOS mobile devices.
  3. Enter the system using the accounting data of the services that you use to play in NBA2K23 (Steam, PSN, Xbox, Nintendo ID).
  4. Select the parameter Facial Scan.
  5. Follow the instructions in the scan process.
  6. Download your scanned face to the NBA 2K23.
  7. Go to my career mode.

8. Go to the Appearance option in MPlayer.
9. Select Scan your face option.
10. Create or update the character in MPlayer mode.

The entire scanning process will take about 30 seconds. After that, you can choose cosmetics to be even more unique on the site. Thus, you can create a DR disrespect skin with your face! If you are unhappy with the creation of your character, you can create new 2K in the NBA 2K23 revival quest. Now that you know how to import your face in MPlayer and My career, you can become a legend of basketball!

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