Shooting RPG Mirror War: Holy Resurrection, Standalon Edition Steam launch

-Single play Mirror War Holy Resurrection Standeron Edition September 9 Steam Launch

-In August 2012, the 10th anniversary has been started in August 2012 with the new genre of ‘online shooting RPG’

-make the unique and mysterious fusion of classic arcade shooting and authentic fantasy RPG

L & K Logic Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Nam Taek-won, L & K), which develops and serves orthodox MMORPG ‘Red Jewelry’ and ‘Rodosdo Electric Online’, is developed by its own online shooting RPG since August 2012 ‘Mirror War: Mirror War: Reincarnation of Holiness’, a single play version of ‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection Standalon Edition’ (hereinafter referred to as Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA) on the Steam Platform on September 9 (Friday ) It is said to be released.

‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection’ is an online game that will be on the official service (open beta based on the open beta) on August 14, 2012, and is celebrating its 10th year of service this year. It is the fourth game of the mirror war series.

It was a unique new concept genre that combines the authentic fantasy RPG and a classic arcade shooting game. The unique story about the appearance of many heroes has made a deep impression on many gamers.

The ‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA’, which is released this time, is a version that can be re-enacted to eliminate the online function of the existing ‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection’ and enjoy only the single play campaign. As a member of each forces of the 3rd wave, each of them will leave a long journey to realize each other’s definition.

The player performs quests in the village and cities, performs the main campaign story, and fosters the characters in the same way as RPG. You will experience the charm of classic species/transverse scrolling games that clear the stage. You can choose one of the 12 jobs, including warriors, archers, and spirits.

The Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA supports Korean interfaces, subtitles, and voice (only campaign stories), and Japanese support UI text and subtitles. The launch price is 29.99USD (31,000 won), which will be sold at a 40%discount to commemorate the launch for one week from September 9 (Fri) to September 15 (Thu).

Meanwhile, the novel ‘The NOVEL’ (evil spirits and sacred resurrections), based on the contents of the Liberation Single Play Campaign of this game ‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA’ It is also published and sold at famous bookstores in Korea.

In the novel version, Moroki Hayin, a new recruit of the Liberation Corps who fights for the dignity of the continental man of the Farohill, deals with the growth story of becoming a member of the Liberation Corps. Reading with the main campaign story of the game will help you understand the worldview and story of interesting mirror wars.