How to enjoy content in the future, announcement of winners of the Future Contents Contest

The Future Contents Foundation held the ‘Future Contents Creative Contest’ award ceremony, hosted by the company, hosted by the Korea Game Media Association, and sponsored by the Korea Game Media Association.

The Future Content Creative Contest is a reorganization of the competition, which was held under the name ‘Gemchun Literary’. The scope is expanded from the game to the whole content so that anyone interested in the content can participate.

This year’s theme was ‘future, content and us’, and received the work until August 19. Since then, the results of seven winners have been announced after reviewing 14 game media reporters.

The awards ceremony was attended by Chairman Lee Taek-soo, Vice Chairman Kim Se-young, and Director Jang Young-cheol (Professor Kyung Min University). Professor Jang Young-cheol said in a congratulatory speech, It is significant in that the future content creation contest has been a chance to expand the perception of the content sector, Lee said. I want to meet you.

There are seven winners, and the target is Park Jong-gyu’s ‘Four Poster Series’, which embodies the use of future content such as electrode smell devices, deep fakes, custom narratives, and profile short foam. Subsequently, the first prize is Kim Ji-hong’s ‘META Multi Media’, which expresses Kim Sung-eun’s ‘Fantasy Travel’ and a multi-game in virtual reality.

In the Excellence Prize, Kim Yu-bin’s ‘You and I Connect’, Kim Joon-sung’s ‘Why Warren Buffett is lost’, Kim Tae-yeon’s ‘What are you dreaming?’

The seventh winning works will be available on the official website of the Future Contents Foundation.