PlayStation Buy more from Fromsoftware

As you surely know, PlayStation owns a small part of Fromsoftware, the Japanese study in charge of bloodborne, Dark Souls and Elden Ring _. Now, today it has been revealed that those responsible for God of War, as well as Tencent, the Chinese giant, have increased the percentage they have of the team that gave us one of the best 2022 games.

Through a new statement, Kadokawa Corp., who owns most of the study, revealed that PlayStation is now owned by 14.1% from Fromsoftware, while Tencent has become 16.3% . This aims to improve the value of this company in the medium and long term. The total cost of capital acquired by the two companies is ¥ 36.3 billion yen, or $ 262.6 million.

Although this could indicate that PlayStation and Tencent now have a greater voice within fromoftware, the truth is that Kadokawa Corp. remains the majority partner, maintaining 69.7% of the control over the study . However, this makes clear the importance that Sie and Tencent see to study, this especially after seeing the resounding success of elden ring.


In related issues, elden ring presents a new record in sales. Similarly, this game has received an interesting function.

Editor’s note:

It is not a surprise to see this greater interest on the part of PlayStation and Tencent. Len Ring is one of the most successful games of the year. With more than 16 million copies, Fromsoftware has managed to break records of the study in a matter of months. A success.