The best equipment and M1 GARAND class in Call of Duty Warzone

All Vanguard sniper rifles were improved in the Last Battle update of the 5th season for Call of Duty: Warz1. Now that ammunition of an assault rifle is used in this weapon, players can easily equip it for long battles. Here is a guide for the best devices and classes M1 Garand Marksman Rifle for use in Warzone Pacific.

Best equipment M1 GARAND WARZONE

Muzzle *: muffler mx
barrel : CGC Ironsides
Optical : SV-40 PU sight 3-6X
reserve *: cgc g2 with lining
Substract : m1941 Hand stop
magazine : 6.5 round drums Sakura 40
ammunition *: elongated
Rear handle : Leather handle
perk 1 : hardcop
* perk 2 : fully loaded / in stock

This specific assembly M1 GARAND has a minimum return thanks to the nozzles used here. Although these devices make the weapons very accurate, they also increase its range. To increase the range and speed of the bullet, we used the MX Silencer and CGC Ironsides trunk.

These modifications, together with the CGC soft butt, the Hand Stop front handle and the HardScope Perkom also help reduce the return. Although these devices worsen the characteristics of the mobility of the weapon, this should not be much important, because you will use the M1 GARAND mainly at medium and distant distances. Finally, the Sakura store for 40 rounds improves the control and rate of fire of your weapon, which makes the time to defeat (TTK) even faster if you make most of the shots for sure.

The best installation of the class SVT-40 Warzone

Main weapon *: Blixen carabiner / Cooper H4
Additional weapons : M1 guarantor
deadly : Semtex
Tactical *: Steam
perk 1 : serpentine
perk 2 : Excess

* perk 3 : amplifier

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