The Lords of the Fallen: Restart for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series introduced

The Lords of the Fallen is being developed by the Hexworks studio coming from Ci Games. The action role-playing game need to stand for PC, PS5 as well as Xbox Series as well as make use of the Unreal Engine 5.

After a long back and forth there was information regarding the action role-playing game at Gamescom: Opening Night Live: With The Lords of the Fallen, no continuation was announced, however a reboot was revealed.


The publisher CI Gaming claims regarding the history and also the key functions:

_ Key features: _

  • _ A big, networked world: more than 5 times as big as the initial video game _.
  • _ A comprehensive RPG experience: a multitude of NPCs that require to fulfill as well as whose tales require to be uncovered _.
  • _ Tactic fights; A quick, challenging and also liquid battle system _.
  • _ Verheering magic: playing use in the struggle for spells and personality reinforcements to turn the sheet _.
  • _ Unterbred on-line co-op: Check out a significant as well as dark world together _.
  • _ Einer tale produced: Full personality modification and additional development _.


_ The Lords of the Fallen plays even more than a thousand years after the occasions of the very first game and provides a completely new journey in a substantial, networked world that is extra than 5 times as large than that of the first game. In addition, it will certainly be possible to welcome a 2nd player or a 2nd player that join her adventure in the uninterrupted online co-op.