The latest work in the series Makai Senki Disgaea 7 is announced! The next stage will be released on January 26, 2023 with Wakazama World -PS5/PS4/switch

Japan’s best software has been released on January 26, 2023, Makai Senki Disgaea 7 for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch.

This is the latest work of the simulation RPG Makai Senki Disgaea series. Set in the Makai where the common sense of devils, angels, brave, and the demon king is rampant, this is the most popular series of Japan’s most software that has a popular game system and an infinite playful element.

In Makai Senki Disgaea 7, set up in the Japanese-style Makai Hinoto Makai Class, the warrior Fuji and the Girl of Hinomoto Otaku Piririka will regain the devastated Hinoto Makai from the invaders’ hands. Otomo-maku has been raised and rampages in the Hinomoto Makai World. Not only the attractive characters designed by Takeshi Hito Harada, but also the elementary elements and the out-of-common battle system will be further powered up.

◆ The next stage is Japanese-style Makai! With Bushido in your chest, cut the incomprehensible curtain!

Hinomoto Makai Shrine-Gunsen Makai, where the soul of the ghost springs out as a hot spring, the sardine sardine that exists in the body of a super-class space sardine, and a large whirlpool with a large number of devils as an algae. Dead country Makai…

In the world consisting of a large number of unique Makai, many residents followed the devil-like belief, Bushido.

But that is now a long time ago. Hinomoto has changed due to the arrival of the army, led by the Magic Openner. The devils living in Hinomoto are now living according to the [Hinomoto Destroy Legal] established by the opener-.

[Hinomoto Destroy Law]
One, Destroy such as Bushido.
Two, those who are dissatisfied with their salary and tax are Masse.
Three, friendship, affection, no-seque.
Four, strongly fluttering, crushing weaknesses, and plus.
Five, the fight is the flower of the Makai, so it’s more and more fighting.
――― All those who have a sentence in the above provisions are all worthwhile dates.

And from the Hinomoto, the noble samurai were eliminated… This is a story in a world where such pride, a girl who longs for Bushido and a young man who dislike Bushido fight together with each other’s beliefs.

◆ Character introduction

** ■ Hanagure Samurai Fuji: CV.

A devil-like devil who has a triple beat of the outer road/money/lazy and three beats. He is allergic and bleeds when he feels human affection, friendship, and sympathy.

■ Super-friendly Hinomoto Otaku Pirika: CV. Hiyori Nitta

A young president who grew up in a greenhouse from other Makai. She is a severe Hinomoto otaku, but she gained knowledge from movies and comics, so she has a lot of knowledge different from the actual Hinomoto.



■ The stolen pirate that flies with gunpowder Seafor: CV. Rina Kitagawa



◆ New elements 1: Even more scale up with Dreaded Deka Magic!

In Makai Senki Disgaea 7, a new system that breaks the rules, Deka Deka, appears. The character will be so strong that the character jumps out of the board, and you will be able to defeat multiple enemies with a single shot with a powerful power.

In front of the powerful Dreadful Dekax, a small enemy unilaterally violated. Not only allies, but also enemies use dreaded big magic, so it is a must-see for a non-common sense.

There are also super-strong treasure chests that can only be opened by Dreadful Deka. Where you are worried about what items are included. In addition, it is said that dreaded big magic also has a hidden effect. Pay attention to the follow-up report.

◆ New element Part 2: Let’s create the most bad item with Item Reincarnation!

In Makai Senki Disgaea 7, Items Reincarnation, which can reincarnate items, is now available. By reincarnating with various kinds of items, such as gum with gum, slippers on a cane, etc., you can create a sword that can be eaten and recovered and a wand that can be recovered.

For example, if you create a beast lanse with an item reincarnation, you will have various skills not found in normal beast lines.

By repeating the reincarnation of the item, the digit of the damage will increase. What items do you make and who are equipped? Create your own worst item from countless combinations.

Of course, there are familiar character reincarnation and weapon skills. The general-purpose character that appears in Makai Senki Disgaea 7 is 45 in the series, the largest in the series.

◆ New element Part 3: Aim in the Rank Battle Japan’s best in Japan!

In Makai Senki Disgaea 7, the AI battle function Rank Battle, which can fight online with users nationwide, will appear for the first time. Register the growing team and set the optimal strategy for the stage that changes weekly and the opponent’s behavior pattern with the AI function Magic Edit. The strategy created by trial and error leads the team to victory.

In Magic Edit, it can be set in detail from the special technique used to the enemy to attack. There is also an early AI set that has been set, so you can use it with confidence without getting used to it.

There is also a automatic fighter function. It is a system that consumes the dedicated item Magic Solin and automatically fights on the clear stage. If you set the magic edit that matches the stage, you can level up at a great deal with a small devil Sorin. You can get the magic solorine by clearing the stage by satisfying the quests and conditions.

Makai Senki Disgaea 7 will be released on January 26, 2023 for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch. The price is 7,678 yen (tax included).

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