Netflix could cancel The Sandman

Recently the Netflix platform premiered the The Sandman series, which surprised fans, this is because productions are usually of a not very good quality. But with this work, it seems that they have dedicated a lot of effort, and despite all negative praise, it may not be a second season.

This was announced through Twitter, since one of the fans said that the series met expectations, this in design, filming, script, aesthetics and others. And before the comment, the creator of the franchise, Neil Gaiman , said there could be no more chapters, thanks to the great budget that entails the creation of a second wave.

Here what he commented:

Because Sandman is a very expensive show. And so that Netflix releases the money that allows us to make another season, we have to do it incredibly well. So, it has been the best show in the world during the last two weeks. That may not be enough.

In spite of all this, the scriptwriters are working in a second script for The Sandman , because in case of approval, they could start working in the show immediately. At the moment it has been placed as one of the most watched on the platform, but it must do so for a long time to reach the desired goal.

Remember that it is now available in Netflix .