The new opera Grim is a veteran soldier Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 Brutal Swarm announced

Tactical FPS Rainbow Six Siege by Ubee Isoft. The new operator GRIM, the comeback of the past event map Stadium, the new subgajet EMP Impact Grenade, and the balance adjustment including LMG Operation Brutal Swarm is implemented. It was announced.

  • The numbers in this article are at the time of the test server. The specifications may be changed when implementing the live server.

Grim that tracks enemies with bees

The new Grim is an attack operator of Speed 3 and Armor 1, which has an injection-type gadget Kawan High Vancer. Kawan High Vancer is a canister that emits a canister on the wall, floor, or ceiling, and is a canister that emits countless bees-like microdhones from there, and indicates the location of the defense operator within the microdone range with red pin. 。 The number of loading is five at the time of the test server.

It is always tracked with red pins within the range where the bee is stagnated, and when it goes out of the range, the position is shown in red pins at a certain period of time like Jackal Anox. In addition to the visuals that are clinging to bees, you can hear the sound of a bee flying.

As for how to use it, you can clearly clear it without seeing it by shooting a launcher into a place where the enemy is likely to be. Because you can get information such as whether or not you have enemies in a small place, you can expect a situation where you can attack the base at the end of the game or to simplify clearing with speedy attacks.

In addition, there is a time lag for a few seconds before the microd loan is released from the launcher, so it can be escaped in the meantime and can be destroyed by impact grenade or nitrocell. It is also possible to hide with VIGIL Electrolendering Cloak. You can also unlock it with the MUTE signal deselapter, just like measures against Lion’s EE-ONE-D. However, it cannot be destroyed by shooting or melee attacks.

The roadout is the main arm, the same assault rifle 552 COMMANDO as the IQ, and the same shotgun SG-CQB as DOC. The side arm has the same handgun P229 as Hibana and GOYO, and the subgattery can be selected from blasting charge and clay more.

EMP Impact Grenade, which has aspects that are more convenient than ## thatcher

Then, as a new subgreget for an attack operator, an EMP impact grenade will be implemented. This is to temporarily disable the electronic gadget on the defense side at the moment of landing, which is narrower and has a shorter effect time than Thatcher’s EMP grenade, but can be accurately thrown at the target location. Is excellent. We have two, and it will be useful in games where Thatcher was banned. EMP Impact Grenade has seven people, Montagne, DOKKAEBI, NOKK, GridLock, SLEDGE, Lion, and OSA.

Come back of Stadium 2021

In addition, the map Stadium 2021 that has appeared only in the past event mode Road to S.I. will be added to the map pool such as the rank match. This map, which has a structure that combines the existing map border and coastline, has been adjusted such as the spawn position and brightness.

Other adjustments

The map van in the rank match Unlank will increase from 3 maps to 5 maps, each team will van a single map, respectively, and will be randomly selected from the remaining three maps.

The recoil system of the gun has been reviewed, and it seems that the PC and the console will be separate. Along with this, recoils such as assault rifles, SMG, and LMG are generally stronger in the PC version, especially when LMG fires more than 30 shots, the recoil will rapidly become stronger. As before, it is difficult to fight with LMG for the time being. The attachment of the gun has also been reviewed, replenished by the high-magnification and the same level of magnification, and many guns have been added to a compensator, flash hider, and angle grip, and the power of the propressor. There is no decrease. Some operators were adjusted, especially FINKA, which had been rampant, replaced flag grenade with smoked grenades, and 2.5 times the site was deleted from the LMG 6P41.


In addition, Premium Battle Pass holder’s in-game stake-out, and you will be able to purchase at 10%off. It is also possible to give a premium battle pass to a friend playing on the Ubisoft Connect’s same platform (it must be a friend of 90 days or more).

Rainbow Six Siege is on sale for PlayStation5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC. It also supports subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft+. The PC test server that can play earlier 7 season 3 will be operated from August 23, and the implementation on the live server is scheduled for September 7.