[Todays Steam] Marvel Spider -Man who also occupied the console ear PC

Marvel Spider-Man Remaster (hereinafter referred to as Spider-Man), which has been ranked in the best sales chart since its launch, has been well-received for maintaining the top sales in the world and receiving ‘overwhelming positive’ evaluation.

The Spider-Man, which was released on the 12th, has been well received in various areas such as battle, original story, and graphics since it appeared as a PS4 monopoly in 2018. In particular, web swing action across the city has gained great acclaim and metacritics rating. He scored 87 points. The sequel Miles Morales is also receiving positive evaluation throughout the series, with 85 meta critical score. Reflecting this popularity, it has attracted a lot of attention as it has been ranked at the top of the world’s highest sales since July 21, when the Steam page was registered.

In the PC version, it adds features such as optimization, rate racing effects and ultra-wide resolution support, which sniper steam users. During the steam review, there is a story about whether the game only enjoyed the game, and that the Ultra-wide monitor and the RTX graphics card shine. Spider-Man was rated as overwhelmingly positive (11,814 participants, 96%positive) for Steam users on the 16th, raising the expectation of the next PC Spider-Man series.

In the top 20 Steam Day, Spider-Man ranked 19th with 52,989 concurrent users. Monster Hunter Rise has dropped to 9th place with a slight decrease in the number of concurrent users, and uneded rose to 16 to 6,138 concurrent users.

In addition to Spider-Man, which ranks first in Steam’s best-selling products, Loglike’s new backpack hero, which has to manage inventory, was released on the 16th and entered fifth place, and Ultracill, which received a 20% discount, was ranked 8th.