Take -to

The Lord of the Rings, which drew a stroke of a fantasy film, has since been reborn as a number of games. However, apart from the popularity of fiction and film, the performance of the game series was terrible. Most of them relied on IP, so they were just a bamboo shooting game, so they boasted low completeness.

The king of the ring was made again into the game. Private Division, a developer under the take-to-teak, announced on the 15th of North America that it has signed a publishing contract with Weta Workshop in a press release. The Weta Workshop is a CG company co-established in 1993 by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and Jamie Sulkik.

Development is in charge of the Interactive Game Division of the Weta Workshop, which was established in 2014. To this end, the Weta Workshop has a license agreement with Middle Earth Enterprise, a company with the world’s monopoly on movies, goods, stages, and other rights of the Rings and Hobits. We have secured a broadcast creative license.

However, detailed information about the game has not been disclosed to date. Not only in any genre, but also the time of the game that many gamers are curious about.

Michael Worosz, the chief strategic director of take-to, and the representative of Private Division, announced the news of the publishing contract, There will be no better companies than the Weta Workshop in creating a new game set in the middle. Expectations were revealed.

In addition, Ami Wolken, head of the Weta Workshop Interactive Game Division, said, It is a privilege to be able to make games different from the game in the background of the land while fans did before. I am very happy to explore and introduce the magic of the new ring of the new ring.


Currently, the new game of the Rings is in its initial development stage, and it is known that it is scheduled to be released in 2024 through the take-out fiscal year.