New game development announcement set in a country of Lord of the Rings. The studio involved in film production works

Private Division announced a partnership with Wētā Workshop on August 15. We announced a new game set in a middle country (Middle-Earth) known for the movie Lord of the Rings.

Wētā Workshop is a company based in New Zealand, which mainly deals with special effects and props of movies. He has been involved in the production of the movie Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to the announcement, the company established the Interactive Game division in 2014. J.R.R. Tolkin’s novel, Hobbit’s Adventure, Ring Story, and his derivative work, is currently developing a new game set in a middle country.

PRIVATE DIVISION is a sales label under the umbrella under TAKE-TWO Interactive Software. Based on the philosophy of focusing on developers, the purpose is to deliver top-level indie games to the market. In the past, he has worked on The Outer Worlds (Outer World) and Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

During the announcement, the representatives of the two companies have also commented. Michael Worosz, the chief strategic office of TAKE-TWO, and the label of Private Division, the view that the Wētā Workshop team has an unparalleled ability in the development of new game development in the middle country. showed that. According to Amie Wolken, an interactive head of Wētā Workshop, the new work under development will be the title of gamers can explore the country in an unprecedented way.

Monolith Productions’ Shadow of Moldor and its sequel, Shadow of War, have been released. What kind of differentiation is the existing title from such an existing title? I would like to pay attention to the new game of the Lord of the Ring that the studio, who was involved in the popular movie series, released in the world.

In addition, this work is in the early stage of development, and it seems that further details will be shared in the future. According to the announcement, TAKE-TWO will be released during the fiscal year 2024.