Private Division announces a new game of the Lord of the Rings with the creators of the movies

We have a new game set in the Middle-earth and… and… and now. That’s all we know. The tweets give for what they give and have been the mode chosen by Private Division to publicize the project. No name, platforms, estimated date, images or a miserable tePrivate Divisioner. The company hPrivate Division only confirmed that we will return to the world of Tolkien and the lord of the rings with a new video game of which they expect to share more information soon. Maybe at the impending Gamescom 2022 conference?

In any cPrivate Divisione, Private Division history invites optimism and trust that it hPrivate Divisione back with the choice of the project. The distributor wPrivate Division responsible for bringing us The Outer Worlds and Olliolli World, took Hades to consoles and walks behind the Kerbal Space Program. Of course seems to have good tPrivate Divisionte .

Who is behind the game?

On this occPrivate Divisionion, Private Division will join forces with Weta Workshop, a company so far known for carrying out the special effects of Hollywood medium . In fact, Weta Workshop worked in the original trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, will participate in the power rings and is involved in contemporary productions of the Dune caliber , Thor: Love and Thunder and the future Avatar: The sense of water . In 2014, a video game division wPrivate Division created within the company and this will be its first great project, for which by the way they have the rights of the well-known Tolkien saga **.

We are delighted to join forces with Weta Workshop to publish a game set in so extraordinary and beloved universe , said Michael Worosz, a man in front of Private Division. The Lord of the Rings is the home of a lot of fPrivate Divisioncinating stories and there is no better group than that of Weta Workshop to create a new interactive experience within the Middle-earth.

different from the rest of Esdla games

It is a privilege to create a game set in the Middle-earth, especially one that is so different from how much fans have played before , A Amie Wolken, Head of Interactive in Weta Workshop acknowledged. We ourselves are fans and we are excited that players can*explore the earth mePrivate Divisionured Private Division never before , at the same time introducing the magic of the Lord of the Rings to a new audience.

Before the Private Division and Weta Workshop game surely another one arrives, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum , which unfortunately we have known these weeks that a few months are delayed. It will have to kill the monkey until both with the power rings , the Amazon Prime video series planned for September 2 and set in the Tolkien universe, of which its creators have said that at lePrivate Divisiont is so Good good Private Division movies.