Two large companies want the rights of Tomb Raider for films

Not long ago it was mentioned that MGM had totally lost the cinematographic rights of Tomb Raider , this after breaking the agreement that forced them to develop a sequel. Given this, many companies have offered millionaire amounts to the owners to be able to make an adaptation, and now it is revealed that there are two big names there.

But this is not entirely the fault of the film producer, since the people in charge of the project were not decided on what elements to include, that included constant script changes for the alleged sequel. As if that were not enough, it was reported that the protagonist, Alicia Vikander , on a couple of occasions she decided to refuse to follow these scripts.

As mentioned, now that the rights are back in the hands of GK Films , some world renowned companies are looking to buy them to have their film or streaming versions. Two companies that would be in the dispute are Netflix and Warner Bros. According to a report, another that would also be interested is neither more nor less than Amazon .

It is worth mentioning that platforms such as Netflix have given bittersweet treatment to video game franchises that have added to their catalog, since series such as resident evil have not been liked by every1. But as for the animated part, they have managed to hook the public with The Cuphead Show, Castlevania and even with Arcane .


For now a verdict has not been reached with respect to the rights of Tomb Raider.