Just the HSV? Why Seeler played a ready Cork Celtic

The 2 objectives for Cork scored: Uwe Seeler.

The opponent Shamrock Rovers was not especially interested in spreading Seeler the red carpeting, in records that it need to have gone down effectively. The 2 goals for Cork racked up: Uwe Seeler.

From January 1946 to May 1972, Uwe Seeler was just active for his HSV, with a goodbye video game versus a globe selection, Uns Uwe claimed bye-bye to celebrating a greater than shocking return.

Seeler’s two spectacular goals will certainly be kept in mind for a very long time if every little thing else is discolored.

The Cork Supervisor

Uwe Seeler’s resourcefulness exceeded whatever else in this bass Organization video game in Turner’s Cross, it claimed. Even a Uwe Seeler, who had actually eagerly distributed autographs after the video game, might no longer conserve the Klammen Club.

The timeless Uwe Seeler, as it says in the caption, is presently fighting a battle.

Also a Uwe Seeler, that had actually eagerly dispersed autographs after the game, can no much longer conserve the Klammen Club. In 1979 Cork Celtic took out from the game and also was dissolved. In Seeler’s chronicle, nonetheless, he is the only club beside the HSV.

Not just that he scored the objectives, yet above all, like, the Eco-friendly Island delighted. The Shamrock Rovers topped Cork Celtic in the organization yesterday in Turner’s Cross, yet some outstanding footballing achievements of them can not place Celtics visitor players Uwe Seeler in the color, composed the Irish Times The epic West German ex-World Cup celebrity racked up two of one of the most gorgeous objectives of the period within 2 mins and also provided the few viewers a distinct view of his popular skills. After 57 mins he revealed a volley with his best foot, The goalkeeper Alan O’Neill beat it from 18 meters, a destructive gunfight, and also simply 2 minutes later he scored once again from the penalty location with an acrobatic fall back..

A great six years later on, on May 23, 1978, Seeler laced up the shoes for the Irish club Cork Celtic for a video game. The sporting items supplier Adidas, with whom Seeler was skillfully linked, had asked the 41-year-old for a favor at the time. Incidentally, his previous teammate and also Adidas associate Franz-Josef Hönig was additionally there.

Seeler concerned finish with a guest look in the idea that the after that monetarily struck club from Cork. Among minority existing pictures reveals him in a jersey with a large adidas logo design on his breast. The eternal Uwe Seeler, as it claims in the subtitle, is currently fighting a battle.


The Cork Inspector overturned with excitement. Uwe Seeler’s ingenuity went beyond whatever else in this bass Organization game in Turner’s Cross, it said. Seeler’s two awesome goals will be kept in mind for a long time if every little thing else is faded.

They would not have actually enjoyed to allow Seeler go any longer, as he later on stated: I lost, yet racked up two objectives and also the club actually wanted to keep me. I was currently as well old, however it was still a nice experience.