Open world fishing game CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER will be released on August 31. Up to 12 people, vast and natural fishing experience

EXPANSIVE WORLDS announced on July 20 that Call of the Wild: The Angler will be released on August 31. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store). It will be expanded to the console version. The price will be $ 29.99, and it is likely to be around 3500 yen in Japanese yen. According to the store page notation, it also supports Japanese.

CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER is a fishing game where you can enjoy fishing with a vast natural. The map of this work is a vast open world, and the environment varies. In addition to large lakes and beautiful spring, there are also secret spots such as bend rivers and hidden ponds. The habitat of the fish is determined by factors such as water temperature, water depth, and altitude, which are realistic. The player moved the field from a first-person perspective. Using means of transportation, such as walking, off-road vehicles, and boats, starts fishing.

It is said that this work provides a intuitive and immersive phishing experience. Each fish has its own actions and characteristics, so it is necessary to wrap the reels carefully according to the fish. There are plenty of tools used by players, and all tools can be selected, such as rods (fishing rods), as well as reel, lines, uki hooks, lures, and bait. In addition, this work is compatible with seamless multiplayer up to 12 players, and can enjoy fishing with friends and others.


The developer EXPANSIVE WORLDS has been working on the hunting game TheHUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD in the past. In this work, you could enjoy hunting with various tools and guns in vast fields. You will be able to enjoy a fishing experience with a feeling of immersion in this work. Even after the release, free/paid additional content will be continuously distributed.

CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER will be released on PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store) on August 31. The console version will be developed later.