All this comes to Game Pass from tomorrow

The moment has arrived. Once again, users of Xbox Game Pass prepare for the arrival of new games to this service. On this occasion we have a combination of new releases and some titles that are worth trying.

From tomorrow, July 19, Xbox Game Pass users can enjoy games such as _as Dusk Falls, the new Xbox and PC exclusive, as well as watch dogs 2 and more. Here the complete list:

as Dusk Falls (Cloud, Console and PC)-July 19

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation (PC)-July 19

watch dogs 2 (cloud, console and PC)-July 19

Motogp 22 (cloud, console and PC)-July 21

TORMENT: Tides of Number (Cloud and console)-July 21

Inside (cloud, console and PC)-July 29

Without a doubt, a well-built selection . From the list, inside, the beloved indie game of the creators of limbo, watch dogs 2, the title of open world of Ubisoft that gave an irreverent tone to the series, and as Dusk Falls, the new Xbox exclusive in consoles, They are very worth it.

In related issues, here you can check our review of as Dusk Falls, and check whether the game is worth it or not. Similarly, Xbox 360 games will stop appearing on Games with Gold.

Editor’s note:

From the list, inside is the game that is best, it is a first level experience and a fantastic adventure. However, as Dusk Falls is also something that users cannot be lost. One arrives at the service is a quite entertaining narrative adventure.