Spidersaurs: Tastes make hunt for crawler acid

You can download and install Spidersaur’s from the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles at a rate of 19.99 euros.



As one of two former tastes you can chase the crawler sausage alone or in the co-op with a buddy. They were developed by Int Corp with the goal of delivering meat as well as muscles that humanity requires to combat against world hunger.

  • Intensive Saturday early morning action in a cartoon style for a couple of players-complete with title tune as well as impressive intro from Giant Animation!
  • 2 various playable characters: punk rocker Victoria and also policeman in training Adrian!
  • Unleashed an incredible firepower-everything from litres and lasers to detonating footballs as well as bass-heavy electronic devices! There are a total amount of twelve weapons!
  • Eruptive atmospheres such as volcanoes, jungle, research laboratories and also even more!
  • A menagerary special as well as frightening crawler dinosaurs that require to be combated!
  • Switches brand-new skills off while you penetrate with the facility of Intgest Corp!
  • 3 degrees of trouble: Well Done, medium and also rare!
  • Raising game mode as well as speedrun mode!
  • 6 Degree Wilde Run- ‘n ‘Weapon Action

The developer Wayforward has released Spidersaur for Xbox gaming consoles, a run- ‘n ‘gun activity game in which dinosaur-spider-hybrid amok.

Have a look at the launch trailer as well as screenshots: