The very best Thoma Support Integrate in Genshin Impact: Defense, Talents and artefacts

Amongst the countless defensive supports in Genshin Impact, 4-Star Polearm Wilder Thomas can be considered one of the very best under particular scenarios thanks to his capacity to not only permit responses however likewise to create among the toughest guards in the video game. To help you get the most from it, here’s the very best Thoma support integrated in Genshin Impact .

The Most Effective Thoma Support Build: Recommended Artefacts

If you do not mind the weaker guard and loss in emergency room after that using a 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige generally for its team-oriented DMG enthusiast is likewise very advised.

Because this construct concentrates on enhancing Thomas’ guard stamina as well as energy fee, our primary suggestion would certainly be to use a 2-piece Tenacity of the Millelith + 2-piece Emblem of the Severed Destiny , as the artifacts greatly increase his max HP, boosting his guard stamina while also enhancing his basic emergency room. Utilizing a 4 part Persistence of the Millelith can likewise work well.

You can have a look at the top main statistics for every artefact piece below:

Genshin Impact is currently readily available for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and also mobile devices-Android as well as iOS.


Finest groups for Thoma.

Ideal tools for Support Thoma.

  • Thoma + Yelan/Ayato + Bennett + Xingqiu.
  • Thoma + Tartaglia (Childe) + Bennett + Kazuha.
  • Thoma + Hu Tao + Yelan + Xingqiu.

Taking into consideration that DPS concentrated weapons are not recommended for protective assistances, our main suggestion for support Thoma will be to use the 4-star polearm West Wind Lance , thanks to its capacity to greatly raise his total power charge. The 4-star crafting Model Starglitter would certainly be our main selection if the Favonius Lance is not readily available for Thoma. To recap, below are our advised weapons for Thoma, as well as his overall best weapon and F2P option:.

Considering that Thoma will be a character in this build that concentrates on making frequent use both his Elemental Ability, Blazing Blessing, and also Elemental Ruptured, Crimson Ooyoroi while remaining off the field a lot of the moment, we suggest you utilize both to level up evenly as well as reserved his normal/charged assaults.

The Most Effective Thoma Support Build: What skills to prioritize.

  • Best Total: Covering Lightning.
  • Main suggestions: Favonius Lance/ Model Starglitter.
  • F2P different : Prototype Starglitter.

  • Blossom of Life : HP%.

  • Cloud of Death : ATK%.
  • Sands of Years: HP%/ Power Fee.
  • Mug of Eonothem : HP%.
  • Mature from Logos: HP%/ CRIT rate.

Many thanks to his capacity to shield the team, along with his ability to make it possible for Responses, we suggest you make use of Thoma in both Pyro-focused compensations as well as Cryo or Hydro Melt/Vaporize-focused groups. Keeping that in mind, below are a few groups that make certain to profit a great deal from Thoma:.