Temporis 7, brand-new details in a live tempohebdo from the Japan Expo

The weekly temporis meeting was not able to take area this Tuesday, the Japan Expo was a possibility for the Dofus groups to return to the previous week in a tempohebdo. New info on temporis 7 is offered, a chance for us to make it a recap

Tempohebdo of July 14, the total summary.

After last week’s online, what is the new details on the short-term web servers of Dofus?

Of all, we can state the fact that the players were able to deal with Cire Momore, a character that will certainly have a whole lot of relevance in the end-of-year upgrade. The other pleasure of the week is merely that the number of bugs lowers significantly on temporis 7. Make the experience a lot more pleasurable for players.

The statistics are additionally instead great. In mass, several of them:

  • Average degree: 125
  • Tempotons created: 57 786 020.
  • Top 5 players favored by players:.
  • Valdingume.
  • Parazig.
  • Javache.
  • Safaughter.
  • Magmacaque.
  • Dofus gotten: 34 784.

On the PVP side, the players are stressed regarding the gamer focus, limiting methods. Tracks such as invulnerability or really high resistances are stated, with the idea of making the end event even a lot more intriguing.

Content makers will be related to this competition, each standing for a team and also a beginning starter. The tournament will certainly as a result be called Event des Four Aspects and will certainly stage Humity (Planet), Huz (Fire), Nozadah (Water) and also Sapeuh (Air).

Some useful information:.

  • 2VS2 layout.

* From August 8 to 21 (temporis closure on August 23).
* 8 rounds in 2vs2.
* Final phases (32 qualified) in BO3:.

  • 2 suit in 1vs1 (to keep the logic of battle).
  • Decision in 2VS2.
  • Lots for champions:.
  • Primary competitor title for all qualifies of the last stage.
  • Garudania conquering montilier for the top 8.
  • Subscription pack 3 months for the fourth as well as third.
  • 6-month membership pack for the second.
  • Panoplie Champ and also 1 year membership pack for the very first.

PvP and also end of web server event.

However, Osatopia was not made around the PVP, the discrepancy is consequently pre-existing. This is one of the details from this tempohebdo at the Japan Expo.

as well as the remainder on Dofus?

The tiny added info to finish is as adheres to: 233,808 crawlers have been eradicated on Dofus for the past 7 days.

For retro temporis 2, go to 2023! .

Some shocks have actually been valued by the players, such as [UNKNOWN_TEXT_ID], the 152nd modified concealed.

The various other enjoyment of the week is just that the number of bugs lowers significantly on temporis 7. On the PVP side, the players are worried concerning the gamer emphasis, limiting methods. For the merger of the web servers currently merged, it is intended, but no date or other info is presently available. On the temporis side, the initial merger will take location following week, particularly for the Tella web server which is much less inhabited. The NPC to recuperate the honors in development will certainly additionally show up following week.

For the merging of the servers currently combined, it is planned, but no day or other details is presently offered. She will certainly arrive quickly. All we understand is that all mergers will not occur at the same time.

On the temporis side, the very first merging will certainly take place following week, especially for the Tella server which is less inhabited. If required, and also who can all of a sudden be rejected later! The NPC to recoup the awards beforehand will also get here next week.