Legendary 23 Michael Jordan NBA 2K23 cover model

On the 6th, 2K announced that the legendary NBA star ‘Michael Jordan’ with number 23 will decorate the cover of Michael Jordan and Championship Edition, a special edition ‘NBA 2K23’.

Michael Jordan is a legendary player who has been a huge influence on the NBA and basketball world, setting up 14 NBA All-Star, 5 Kia NBA MVPs, and 6 NBA World Champions. Michael Jordan, one of the most brilliant players in NBA and NBA 2K history, decorates the fourth NBA 2K cover headline following the NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12 and NBA 2K16. He is a member of the NBA 2K 24th Anniversary Campaign, Answer The Call, and will commemorate his achievements with both existing and new fans in NBA 2K23.

First of all, 2K reintroduced the Jordan Challenge, which allows you to reproduce 15 symbolic moments of Jordan’s shining career in NBA 2K23. To this end, all 10 original challenges were rewritten from the beginning, and five new challenges were added for a new generation player. The player will be able to experience Jordan’s achievements with a new play that reflects more than 10 years of technical leap in the Jordan Challenge.

In addition, you can see a video of a special commentary from a variety of NBA celebrities, including teammates, opponents, and other sports-related personnel who watched Jordan’s actual game. In addition, more information on the NBA 2K23 Jodan Challenge will be released later this summer.

Considering the history of the 23rd number in sports, the Michael Jordan Edition is a good choice, and it is a good choice to show the word ‘champion’ like Jordan. As there are no symbols that symbolize, we are pleased to introduce a new premium edition through the NBA 2K23 Championship Edition, which includes 12-month NBA League Pass 12-month pass to provide players with the opportunity to play all the season throughout the season. We look forward to congratulations with the community on September 9, when the game is released.

2K will start a reservation for NBA 2K23 on the 8th and will release another cover player before the reservation purchase.