Guardian Tales, update expedition & farm

Kakao Games Co., Ltd. (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) announced on the 1st that it has updated new contents ‘expedition’ and ‘farm’ to the mobile RPG ‘Guardian Tales’ developed by US developer Kong Studio (CEO Won).

‘Expedition’ is a new content that defeats unknown forces spreading in the world. Each forces have their own stories, and users can use the party switching system, which changes the party in real time, and can enjoy strategic battles by defeating powerful enemies.

‘Farm’ is a content where users acquire materials such as wood and stone and make various buildings and decorating objects to create their own farm. It is a content that can be enjoyed organically with the ‘expedition’ content, and the user can plant the seeds obtained from the expedition in the ‘farm’ and harvest crops to grant the stats of ‘relics’.

At the same time, Kakao Games will hold an event that can earn various rewards by consuming coins by July 14th. During the event, the user can clear the mission and use the coin received to open the capsule and obtain a rich item.

In addition, until July 14th, ‘Hero Pickup Event’ where you can meet various heroes such as ‘Ogma’, ‘Arabel’ and ‘Claude’ until July 14, and additional rewards for ‘evolutionary dungeons’ It added the pleasure of combat by adding ‘Evolutionary Boots’ that can be acquired.

Details of the new content and events of the exploration RPG ‘Guardian Tales’ can be found on the brand page and the official community.