Novel x card x RPG Life Bind official announcement. Talk about a magnificent story with RPG, card and novel

Personal developer Eborubu has officially announced Life Binding . The compatible platform is PC (Steam). At the same time, the company will raise funds at CAMPFIRE on the crowdfunding site from July 7.


Life Bind is a novel card RPG. The stage is the fantasy world called Noah. One day, the story of boys and girls began to move after the star fell. In this work, there are multiple protagonists, and it seems to be deployed in an omnibus format.

In this work, there are RPG parts, card parts, and novel parts. The RPG part is a part that moves the field freely and searches. It seems that you can explore the open forests, caves, and towns. Dungeon progress and battles are progressing in card parts. Turn over the cards on the table and do various events and battles. Battle progresses in card format. It seems to fight and fight a card with the numbers. According to Eborubu, the battle is based on rock-paper-scissors.

It is said that novel part connects RPG and card part. The story and character depictions seem to be held around this novel part. The RPG part is a three-dimensional expression that combines dot painting and 3D graphics, the card part is an expression like a desktop game, and the novel part has a conversation cut scene based on standing pictures. It is a luxury packed in the work.

In this work, it is said that the developer Eborubu is producing al1. He is said to be a professional student who wants to be a game programmer, and he seems to be working on a wide variety of parts, such as scenario programming, character standing, and drawing, while using the backgrounds and BGMs distributed. is. Six months after the production, I thought I had to improve the quality. First of all, it seems that CAMPFIRE has decided to recruit funds by CAMPFIRE to complete the beta version, which is the base of the game.

As a specific use of the funds obtained, he wants to ask the outside of illustrations, stills, and background images, BGM materials, etc. that Eborubu thinks is poor. It is also used to improve other quality. By choosing a course of 1000 yen or more, you can get a beta key. Beta version is scheduled for March 2023. Currently, the project is a prototype, so I am eager to fulfill my dream of launching the game without regret that development still takes time. It seems that Unity is used as a game engine.

Life Bind will be released on PC (Steam) in 2024. If you are interested, look at the Campfire page.